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Aqara led display

I came across a new aqara product that looks really interesting. It is the aqara s1 led display and it mounts as a lightswitch. Really curious to see if it would be available in europe at some point and what thenpossibilities are!

I’d really like a display to controll my smarthome, maybe this is something to keep an eye on.


Very interesting, thx for the link! I am curious too for the display, but I would keep hopes low as it propably does not expose all funcionality (if at all) over an accessible api

I can’t find anything else, only that article… we’ll see

it is available for purchase, as what I understand it works with the aqara gateway and apple homekit. I have a gateway at home. maybe I give it a shot for 155 euros

Hi @Otter
I am currently developing a battery powered 3 color e-ink display for Homey that you can easily place anywhere in your home. You will be able to show and update any value from your Homey on the display. Does this match what you are looking for?


Nice! Yes that would be awesome! Do you have some more info?

Hi @Otter
The plan indicates production from April 22. Sign-up, early bird and pre-sale during Q1.

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Which platform? Can you send me a notification when it starts?

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Definitely. Will let you know as soon as possible. Thanks

Great! You got me excited

I understand you want to advertise for your new product; I would recommend creating a separate topic here on the forum for your products and centrally answer questions / provide updates.

Hi @TedTolboom
Sorry, advertising wasn’t intended. The product development is also inspired from user requests on the forum such as this thread. And wanted reach out to get feedback. Will stop this immediately.
@Bram Would it be OK to make a topic for a new product under development? Is this acceptable? Would be great.
Ps! Athom is in the loop about the development.

We know u didn’t mean to:


Hi @Rocodamelshekima
I’m trying to very shortly explain the product idea to different people with different use-cases to get feedback. I see it comes out as Advertising. Sorry for that

No problem at all m8!

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Ey man, I hoped you opened up a topic for this product of yours. It would be great to get some more info and maybe a bit of product design etc. You got my attention, now is the time to keep me interested :wink:

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Hi @Otter
Please follow the link. I have started to write some updates. Although we are still some way from being able to show a working product design, I am planning to make a 3D concept design soon.