Copy 433mhz signal

I have a Tuya Wifi roller blinds controller switch (up, pause, down) like this one
It has a 433mhz remote. Since I cannot get the switch connected to that bloody Tuya cloud I want to copy the signals of the remote so I can control the blinds like that. Can that that be doen? Just copy the signals from the remote to Homey and send them out in a advanced flow?

No, you need to develop an app on Homey to send it directly…

Look at the fe a Broadlink RM pro plus for copying. Broadlink App voor Homey | Homey

Which won’t work anymore on the new homey without a sdk3.0 update.

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If you don’t mind using the cloud for it, you can control Broadlink with IFTTT.
The app isn’t needed, but probably makes things a bit less complex

I use it to toggle power of an Arris tv settop box.

Now I’m not entirely up to speed on IFTTT anymore but wasn’t this dead in the water with subscription based connections rendering it pretty much useless?

Not entirely useless (when you don’t like to pay for it), the free service provides for 3 fully working connections and I use one.

Can the broadlink work through this way?
Use old Homey

I highly doubt that.

Then again, if you can kick off a flow on the old homey from the 2023 Pro, I guess you can. Although in my opinion this starts to feel more and more like a terrible workaround…

You have a RF module in the controller (pro 2023) which you won’t use, talking to the “old” homey, also having the RF module that you’re omitting…. That talks to your Broadcom which actually does the work.
When I first bought my Broadcom it already felt a bit weird but this is just taking it up a notch.

I’m still a bit left in the dark to why there is no app allowing you to record and playback a RF command. The developer page does everything except for making it re-usable?

It’s best to ask Arie directly in that topic.

The function is aimed at app development. So in theory if you (or a friend) can write an app, you can use the copied signals.

Will you be my friend :slight_smile: ?

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Haha, I’ve tried to create an IR app for weeks, but there’s just too many black holes for me in the “why doesn’t this work” section. There’s no good/clear (enough) documentation for my skill level :sweat_smile:

I also use the latest app from community store. because the rm4 mini is not supported by the official app either. And it is a challenge to make i think.

If you want to ‘save’ the broadlinkred app here’s te source

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I use a Tuya RF/IR gateway. Works like charm in Homey. Just use Tap to run in Tuya and a virtual button in Homey

The tuya RF gateway is super easy to learn commands. 15 EUR on Aliexpress

Nice have you a link? Works it with the homey tuya cloud?

Community apps are almost Pro only, and you can check in the appstore by opening an app page, and then use the slider ‘Homey beta | Homey Pro’

It works perfectly with the Tuya cloud

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I have created virtual buttons in Homey to control my Tuya rf curtains in flows. Very easy