What are the current learned / custom / generic 433Mhz options without broadlink app update?

I, like many others, have fallen off the cliff like a lemming thinking the homey, like my broadlink, would be able to learn 433Mhz. I’m probably going to return the bridge since I may as well keep the broadlink to cover learned RF and IR. Also I now realised the bridge can’t be used with hue devices directly either. It seems quite useless.

The problem is, I also can’t add the broadlink to Homey (Cloud). It also seems to be out of date and can’t be used with the new homey pro, if I were to buy that.

So, what exactly are the current options to get learned IR and 433 working with homey (ideally cloud, not pro)? Tuya integrations seems to be pro only too.

It’s so disappointing. This one thing just messes everything up - it could have been one hub to rule them all!

You probably were misinformed or not informed. I’ve never heard of the ability for Homey Cloud/bridge to learn 433MHz (and IR) signals, neither I can find that info anywhere.
It is just not possible for end users, same thing with the previous and new Pro’s.

I agree the lacking of this ability (for the Pro at least) is a bit silly, while several E15,- devices exist which can learn and send IR and or RF signals.
For IR there’s by default quite a big database of remotes available though.

Well, there was and is a bit of catching up to do to have apps Homey 2023 ready, while apps for it should be upgraded to SDK3
Here’s a pretty actual status topic for that, and there are many updated apps already.

I’ve read someone is picking up the Broadlink app, so hold your horses for a bit :upside_down_face: :wink:

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I gave up on the Homey(pro) and Broadlink integration a while ago.

Agreed that Homey should have the capability of learning IR/RF in the first place but until then your solution would be the Tuya cloud app in combination with a Tuya RF/IR device.

I did not mean to imply that I had been told it would be able to do that, but one makes the assumption it would, especially having come from many other devices where that is a standard and basic feature. Searching the forum, it seems it is not just me with such an expectation.

Regarding the broadlink app, what is a shame is that even when this is working again, it will requite the homey pro. So I have to buy a £399 device with all the radios I could ever need, to connect to the £20 broadlink hub for learned IR and RF. While the pro does give me a couple other nice features like advanced flow, it is ultimately just a hardware brick.

I did look at Tuya, but unfortunately it is also only available with pro - again a £399 purchase to connect to a cheap tuya hub.

If only there were a tuya or broadlink cloud integration that would work with homey+bridge. The end of every story for me is that I need to buy the pro and end up with a solution that doesn’t even use it’s hardware.

Similar story with Philips hue devices, which will not work directly with the homey bridge as there is no local app (only for pro, but at least the hue bridge can go).

It is a crying shame because the homey platform in general is brilliant.