Coming home from holiday to find lots off things not working?

Hi All,

I litteraly just came home from a two week holiday to find lot’s of lights on that aren’t supposed to be on and vice versa. I am no longer able to control lots of lights in the house, from different manufacturers (Zipato, Aeotec, Fibaro and maybe more). My first instinct was to reboot the homey but this doesn’t solve the problem.

Does anybody have any expierence with this? Can I rebuild the zwave mesh somehow? Or is there an other solution?

Thanks for your help!

Instead of just a reboot also try to do a PtP (15 minutes). Then give everything at least half an hour to start and re-settle.

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Picture Transfer Protocol?
Peer to Peer?
Point to Point?

What do you mean with PtP?



Ah right :wink:

Well, “your” PtP is what i “professionally” know as an ATX-reset (How to Do a ATX Reset | Techwalla).
But when there is no separate PowerOn button (ATX style) the “Press Power for 15 seconds” is replaced with “Keep power disconnected for 10 or 30 minutes”, meant to get all power out of internal relays that are preventing normal functioning of the device.

Never knew it as PtP tho, so thanks for educating me :slight_smile:

I guess it’s just Homey slang haha.

I see @Rocodamelshekima already gave the exact same answer that i would have given… :stuck_out_tongue: