Zwave doesn't start

I have recovered Homey and restored a backup. All worked without an error, but now zwave won’t come online.

All zigbee apps and devices work, but Fibaro, NEO and Aeotec Apps and devices stay offline!

I PTP 3 times with half an hour delay. Nothing.

I checked the developers page, and see zwave is completely empty!
What can I do?

Besides a ptp, I don’t think there is much else to do than contacting support. :crossed_fingers: good luck!

Has it been updated? Perhaps change homey version?

In the end I did a recovery again. Prior to that I deleted the last 3 backups, so I was sure not to install a corrupted backup. This time I was able to select a backup, and it installed nicely. Zigbee was not properly started this time. I waited an hour before I did a PTP. After that all was working!

Oddly, one Eurotronic Spirit is ‘dead’. It is a device, but it is not seen in the developers zwave list.


Hi @CB83,
I have now also the same problem like @Eternity and the Zwave is not going online even after recovery from backups and PTP…
How can you change the homey Version?
I found some information by searching for „downgrade“ but to be honest, I wasn’t able to realize it by using my apple OS (notebook and iPhone).
Thx and b.r.

You could try the following procedure to see if you may have an incomplete firmware update:

  1. Put your Homey in recovery mode by turning it upside down for 1 minute.
  2. If Homey is in setup mode, you then have to go to with a laptop or desktop.
  3. Select the desired language, and go to the next step.
  4. Choose “Continue in the browser” (it says in gray), and follow the steps on your screen.
  5. When you see “checking for updates”, press the ALT key on your keyboard. Press “Download full update”.
  6. Then choose to keep your data. Homey now needs some time to install the update.

@Edwin_D thanks a lot for the explanation.
I flashed the device to an older version and Zwave is enabled now.
Most of the zwave devices are connected… only 3 devices still not connected “error invalid_node“.
Any idea how can reactive them without new device pairing?
Thx and b.r

No, I suspect the devices were changed since the version you put back. If you went back to an older version, only going to the newer may fix that. The above procedure might have also fixed the newer version mind you - it is meant to repair an incomplete partial firmware update.

Hi, no it is not the case. Everything worked well, but the back-up was not possible. Then I asked the Homey team for support and they recomended to make recovery from the existing backup. since that time homey is running properly and not all devices are recognized

Same issue here.
I had problems with Brel and Kaku.
After Homey to Athom, Brel and Kaku are working, but zwave fails.
Recovering, restore and reboot die not work for me.
Adding a new Zwave device Works fine, but previous installed will not home online. Only when removing and re-adding devices will work.
Hope to receive a solution form Athom
I am in contact with Homey support, but no result yet.