No Zigbee signal

I have no Zigbee signal on my Homey Pro, I have already performed PtP a few times but nothing helps. Who can help me?

Try a different power adapter.
A bad functioning adapter is known to cause issue with zigbee.

Did you do the full (20min) ptp?

Yes, I did, but Homey keeps reporting that zitbeen is not reachable.

Can you specify your problem? Do you have, for example, Zigbee devices that no longer respond? I personally had a major Zigbee problem a few months ago, and the only solution was this.


I had the same two months ago and this solutions was working! Even from an advice from Athom:

I am sorry to hear that your Zigbee is currently not working! To solve this, we are going to try to fully re-install Homey’s software. Often, this resolves issues like you have with Zigbee at the moment. Don’t worry - doing this won’t erase any of your data on your Homey.

Can you please try the following and let us know if your Zigbee is working again?

1. Hold your Homey upside down for 1 minute to enter recovery mode.
2. When Homey enters the recovery, please open your mobile app and tap “More”. After this please tap your Homey’s name beneath your account name, and tap the “Plus” icon to add a new Homey Pro.
3. Connect your Homey app to your Homey’s WiFi setup and then to your own WiFi. After checking for updates, please select “No” if you are prompted to restore a backup. The Options button in grey should become available after this. Tap “Options” and choose to download a full software update.
4. When this process is done, please check if your Zigbee issue still persists.