Zigbee network unavailable

Hi all,

Report id: “15FBEA71”

Homey pro (10.0.3) user and all my 19 zigbee devices is unavailable in Homey app. After two years with no issues - ALL went down on the same day.

Tried 30 mins PTP (several times) and checked intereference on wifi channel, even did PTP om Homey, modem and router.

Completed the recovery mode setup as I figured this solved many related issues, however my Zigbee is still unavailable.

Tried to reset the device closest to the Homey, but could not because Zigbee could not start.

Have two zigbee devices connected via wall remote and the devices work when using the remote, but still unavailable from Homey app.

Very close to do full factory reset, but hope I don’t need to lose everything I have build.

What to do?

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You can try to replace the power supply with a high-quality power supply with at least 2 A.
Do you also use other devices (e.g. Z-Wave, WiFi, 433 MHz)? Do they work properly?

Yes and I also have Sonos devices that is available and work fine

With the HP16-19, the original power supply was often the reason for unstable networks.
Have you tried a different power supply?

If the problem still exists, please contact Athom support.

Pro 2023 or a “white ball” Homey?
If it’s the latter, did you proceed the “full software download”?

Which one is able to show the route of the Zigbee devices (see Screenshot)? Another hint is the firmware v10.0.3.
So it is the „white ball“.

I have exactly the same problem which also started 3 days ago.

Replaced the power supply, ptp, changed WiFi channels, but no solution yet.

OK, now for you try to find out what happened 3 days ago.

Yeah… I will check the detailed logging within Homey to find the exact cause :roll_eyes:

3 days ago everything at 3AM all lights got turned on for no reason (60+ Zigbee devices).

Homey Pro 2023 has been extremely wonky for me for the last 2-3 weeks.
Devices not loading in the web app / mobile app, sensor flows not triggering.
My best guess is version 10.1.0 introduced unreliabilities.

It’s hard to stay a fan of Homey lately.

Same here Vincent. Extremely unstable and slow.

I got in touch with Athom support, but they just replied the tricks I already tried.

I just did a zigbee network reset and paired all devices and used 3 days to get everything working again. But you have 3 times more deviced then me :-\

Now I’m also pairing light devices via touchlink remotes just in case this happens again…