Restoring Back up does not work

Homey updated to Ver 7.0 and did not run well, Z wave very slow or not at all.
elected to go back to Ver 6 which was stable.

Run backup restore routine, but the settings tab still says Ver 7 installed and Z wave is just not working at all. all Z wave sensors have a red warning triangle.

Tried the restore function several times and removed any unwanted backup so that on the one I wanted was installed, but same result and homey is just about useless right now !

Homey is a early version and yes i have tried restarting the apps, but Z wave is just dead.

You can’t revert a firmware update by restoring a backup (Homey backups are not full backups of everything on your Homey, for things like apps and firmware it merely records what was installed so it can download and reinstall them when restoring). You need to turn off experimental updates and (AFAIK) do a factory reset (and then a backup restore) to go back to the stable firmware.