Backup not working - Zwave issue?

My old Homey (1st gen-2016) started having issues a few weeks back, and I decided that enough is enough and bought a new Homey Pro.

I restored a backup from my old Homey to the new Pro, but the issues seems to have moved along to the new Pro also.

Backups - both manual and automatic fails and I get the error code: “error reading nvm”.

I have also noticed that I cannot add new Z-wave devices, they just timeout during the inclusion process. My Z-wave network still works though and devices can be controlled, although slower than usual.

Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this? I would really prefer not having to start over if at all possible, as I have +90 devices in my setup.


Do you have enaugh Router devices (mains powerd)?
Do you Include new devices very close to Homey?
For the Back-up problem, contact Athom.

Can you give a screenshot where you have it?
I am afraid that means the community can’t help you and you have to contact Athom support here:

What might or could help: You could try starting into recovery and then “download full software update”.

Sure, I have Swedish language settings tho and the error message is not detailing anything more than what I’ve shared but here it is;

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Thanks, I’ll give it a try

Ok tried this and it unfortunately didn’t resolve the issue. Guess I have to reach out to Athom for support here. Thanks guys

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Athom Support said it’s an issue seen for others also, and they expect it to be fixed by next firmware release expected in the next few weeks. Finger’s crossed!

Have the same issue now with 8.1.2