Can't start andvanced flows from another flow

Until a few hours ago everything was ok. now it is impossible to start an advanced flow from another flow. it’s possible to start only normal flows.

What happen?

You’ll have to add the “Start” button

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I seem to have the same issue suddenly.

Flow card is not available the error reads. But it exists. It used to work.
Seems to be since 8.0.4-rc.3 was installed 2 days ago

is the rc3 version. for sure. heeeelllllpppp. i have a lot of inusable flows…

For me a workaround is to change to a “Start flow with Text tag”
But this would mean changing all flows… Which is anoying.

I’ve created a support request

Lessons learned: don’t run RC versions if you want a (somewhat) stable system.


So you think the stable version has any chance to get stable if no one actually uses RC’s in live environments? You’re welcome

My statement seems reasonably factual: if you want a (somewhat) stable system, use the (somewhat) stable firmware. If you’re okay with testing unstable versions, by all means, run the RC’s. Apparently OP has made the mistake of thinking that “RC” means “release candidate” (easy mistake to make).

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You can revert from a RC to the latest stable:

Fix is on it’s way (soon™)