Cant run Advance-flow flow from the mobile app manually (Homey 2023)

Cant get the advance flow to start manually from the app. Cant understand what is wrong. If i do a classic flow it work. this is how the flow look like. Im using the beta and new homey 2023.

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Make the flow a fav flow, and then it can be started from the fav flow section in the app (or from mobile phone widgets)

Same finding here. Seems like a bug.

worked, dident know you needed to to it as a favourit.

Good morning

same problem for me, even in full favorite

Yes, same problem here! Some advanced flow’s won’t work, even if it’s a favorite! This looks like a bug! Please fix. I’m now running on update 10.0.0-rc.72
They work manually from a PC or from the apple watch, but not from the mobile app!

Hi !
Did you fix your issue ? I’m having the same one, I can play it using my laptop but I can’t using iphone / apple watch :smiling_face_with_tear:

Is Athom in the loop?
Please use the link on the front page of the app to report your issues.

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I sent a message to support, I’ll give you update when I’ll receive.
Thanks !

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I use on my phone (as a work-around) a classic flow, who starts an Advance flow.

I changed my advanced flow to start with a « Start » card, it works !

I have the same (random ?) problem
It seems that there is a difference if :
it’s an advanced flow or a classic flow
when it’s an advanced flow, if the flow starts by a "Start’ command or a “When” condition.

on a side topic, I cound’t figure why some flow have to be “activated” by another flow and others have to be “started” by another flow.

if anyone managed to get the philosophy,… I would be happy to see it.

Maybe you can translate this page to English and find the answer you are looking for:

Please read the whole page.

Also a nice source of info: