Homey Advanced Flow not working with Goolge Assistant

I tested some simple advanced flows. Flows are started with a starting block and i make theme favorited. Google Assistant synced. The slider in the Homey App is on. No matter what I do Goolge Assistant responds with “The flow cannot be started or the Homey is not reachable.” If I turn on the same standard flow again, go through the process and it works again with the standard flow. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong.

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I have the same issue.

Show the flow guys…

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Well, the flow itself shouldn’t matter, I think? All flows I have created are easily imported to Google Home, but not any Advanced Flow, even if I make it exactly the same as a standard flow.

work around (until fixed):
create a normal flow and trigger the advanced flow from this normal flow.
Add the normal to your favorite flows so google can start them.

Okay, have a nice weekend then

Thanks, you too!

Aah, will do!
Must be simple for Athom to fix.

Didn’t work. Normal flows can’t trigger Advanced flows…

yes they can, i do this several times here.

You need to add a start button (right click in the advanced flow choose add start) in the advanced flow and then you ‘start flow name’ as usual in the normal flow

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It worked, thank you!!

you should contact homey support and report the issue that the advanced flows do not work as you hoped, if no one reports it then it mostlikely won’t be fixed in an update.

I reported the issue to Homey Support.

Just stumbled on this thread again :upside_down_face::sweat_smile:
While there’s no feedback, I checked, and it seems fixed; we can use Adv. flows in Google Home: