Linking Homey to Google Home doesn't work

Just installed a new Homey Pro 2023. Unlinked Google Home app and linked it again on my phone. Now trying to link the Google Home app on my wife’s phone. She has her own user in Homey. After selecting “works with Google” and looking for Homey she can login with her user account. After doing so it returns the message “No compatible devices were found in your Homey account”

How can I fix this? This way my wife cannot run flows from Google Assistant

It should work, is she added as Resident?

Yes she is.
On the phones of the kids I see the same thing. My sons phone was still connected (I linked his account when we still had the old Homey). First I reconnected the account. And then, just to check if it was the same for him, unlinked the account and tried to link it again. Then I saw the same thing as on my wife’s phone.

On my wife’s phone it indicated to try again after a few seconds. So I did after hours, but that didn’t solve the issue.

Afaik only 1 person (you) adds Homey to Google Home.
Then, with Ghome, you’d invite the other persons to your Ghome.
This way they get the same ‘home’ on their phones with the same devices.

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Ok, that’s been taken care of. Everyone is in my Google Home and has an account in Homey.

In that case it seems to be a different issue: I have created some flows that I want to trigger from Google Home. First question there is: can only favorite flows be triggered from Google Home or all flows?

Next, I added routines in Google Home and added them as familiy routines, not personal. In my Google Home app I see them with two actions: one to announce something (Google action) and another to start the flow. In the Google Home app of my family members, I do see those routines, but they only have the announcement action. Is this an issue in Google Home?

Please search the knowledge base at There’s lots of info in there :wink:


But, I would move away from the starting flows idea.
I use virtual switches to start flows (but make sure to turn that switch off again with the same flow)
These switches should be available to any member in Ghome.
And you can start with “hey google, turn on [virtual_switch_name]”, just like you turn on any switch.

Ou Peter, you must always come up with some new approach :wink: Great idea :+1: :+1: :+1:, because favorite flows do not work for me for month or so, I can finally fix it without waiting for Athom :wink:

With Activities you can start them in any way :wink:
Eg. "When I say “Wake up” → Turn Device ON. (example)

YW and thanks. I missed the other discussion appearantly.

True that, but I meant yelling commands without creating activities :grimacing:

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I was aware of this, but I wasn’t sure if the word “favorite” was used here as more of a gimmick or as actually to point out only favorite flows can be invoked from Google Home.
I know you respond a lot on this community and your input is really appreciated. (Have been able to use it to my advantage a lot!) But rest assured, if I ask something, I have first searched the community and used Google myself!

Well, that was the way I used to do it before moving to Homey Pro 2023 and it worked just fine. With this setup I thought the functionality of directly starting a flow was the better approach as that is intended for this use.

As a matter of fact the first two flows I made, I also did using virtual switches. Well… it just means I have to replace my variables with virtual switches and the actions in Google Home to toggle the switch rather than to start the flow :slight_smile:

Guys, do you know which devices got synchronized to Google Home, eg. push buttons? Seems there is something borked in my sync - not only that favorite flows got synchronized only partially, I’m also not able to sync VD push buttons :frowning:

In my experience it helps to sync multiple times and most of all: have some patience.

When I try to sync, I often hear:“One or more devices are currently not available” But I have this many devices, that I never know which ones. So, I just sync multiple times. And as long as the devices I need are synced in the long run, I am happy.

I use VD switches to start flows, those get synced just fine.


Closest I could find…

I just tried a virtual button: not supported so it seems
And to check if every still works OK: As a test, a virtual switch for example appears in Ghome right away.

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So the class shall be SWITCH not a BUTTON, right ?
Thank you btw !

update I will check :wink: Just with the unreliable flows sync, I didn’t know it’s the unreliability or Google limitation…

Yeas! And YW!

Indeed, when the device does not appear in GHome, I first check if the &#%@^ still works, by adding a temporary simple Homey virtual switch.

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I understand why you first picked the virtual button. Even the picture looks to be doing what you want: switch something on or off. Whereas the virtual switch is shown as an outlet. Still the name is leading here and a virtual switch definitely does what you’re looking for

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Hmmmm, that just depends on which virtual device you use.
-Homey vswitch has an outlet/plug picture
-Virtual Devices switch has an outlet/plug picture
-Advanced Virtual Devices has a user selectable picture.

But ‘switch’ is the commonly used description for a wall switch, and a plug, and a relais. Which is confusing.

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I have used Device-Capabilities :wink: (didn’t want to enable VD from Athom nor install additional app) - need to test, if type anyhow influence it…

Yes, the “device class” at the top of the AVD settings determines how Ghome ‘sees’ it
In theory you can create a push button with device class light or wall plug
EDIT: not possible (according to me :rofl:) @Sharkys .
So I experimented a bit, it kinda worked as pushbutton in Ghome, it turned on and after a few secs off again, resulting in an error popup.
But when I moved it to a ‘room’, it got deleted from Ghome :thinking::sweat_smile:

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I know a virtual switch as one of the virtual devices, but I’ve never heard of Advanced Virtual Devices. For now the “normal” virtual devices will do for me