Homey Bridge and google assistant


Does Homey bridge not work with google assistant? How can I otherwise start flows with the voice? :roll_eyes:

// Per :star_struck:

And why do you think it doesn’t? :wink:

Check the Integrations part of Homey Settings:

Strange, I tried. But just got wrror messages

This looks like you don’t have any Google compatible devices in Homey cloud yet?
Lights, plugs, switches, curtains, thermostats for instance should work and sync with Google.

When you do have these type of devices: wait and try again, wait and try again, wait and try again, wait and try again, wait and try again, wait and try again,
At some point in time it will say “OK” No clue why it fails often until “you win” or such :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ok, i have both philips hue, telldus plugs, tv remote control etc. But then i just have to wait :thinking:

// Per

I’m afraid so, Per! Just keep on trying. There is a possibility you got rate limited (wild guess, but it could be). The best thing you can do is wait for the next 24h before trying again.
Also I’d like to advice to report this bug to Athom Support. It’s googles fault can be one of the explanations though

All of a sudden Homey was connected to my google home account, despite all the error messages. :smiley:

Many thanks for the answers. I really appreciate it! :wink: :+1:


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Just a question is it the same? Should I try and try and try?

Yes just keep on trying. Not every other second of course. I’d say every 5 minutes or so