Google home + Homey pro

I have added google home to homey pro (both ways). Each homey account is linked to each own google account. I have added automation in google home so I can turn on and off lights by using my voice. It does that by running flows on homey. For me as a owner, it works flawless however for the other family members it does not work. The automation in google home is not personal and can be accessed for all family members. When my family members try to run the automation manually in google home, they just get a error message that there is a problem.
I have to mention that this worket a few weeks ago but suddenly has stopped working whitout me doing any changes to my homey. I have tried to reconnect the google account to homey and syncing in my homey. My family members uses iphone and I use android, but I also tried to set up an old android phone with my wiftes google account and conenct it to homey android app but that does not work either. It seems like the issue is with google home and family member accounts on homey. (i have set my wifes account to admin, but even that did not seem to help) Anyone know what to do?

Only use the owner Homey account and connect it with your Google Home app
Now from the GHome app, invite the family members to GHome. Then they should see all Homey devices appear in their own G Home app.
This way it all should work.