Flow can run, but dosn't exsists

Hi all,

I have a issue, where I have created a flow, that excecute another flow.
Then, after some time, I changed the naming standard of my flows, and deleted a couple of flows.

Now I have a flow, that points to “F_Heim_Deaktiver”. But I have no flow with that name. I don’t even have a flow that excecute the stuff in that flow. So, the F_Heim_Deaktiver" works, but I don’t have it. (therefor I can’t see what configured, or changed something).
How is this possible, and How can I get it back so I can see what that flow does?

Ultimately, this is a bug and should be reported to support@athom.com

If you change the name of a flow, the name is only changed in the original flow. The name will not be updated in a flow card as that one you have highlighted.
However, you say that there is no flow that triggers the actions of the “old” (deleted?) flow. But still the actions are triggered. Based on my experience, that can’t actually be the case.

A workaround may be a homey restart.

Maybe you can discover the flow by going to devices/device that is switched by this flow, there is a link to the flow(s) that are used for this device, you can see how the flow is named.

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Like I said. The flow doesn’t exists

I seriously don’t get the problem. Just remove it from this flow and see what happens (or doesn’t happen anymore).

It is what @fantross says; if a flow get’s renamed it doesn’t update the linked flows. It just updates the name of the actual flow. What you are seeing is a name pointing to an ID.
And it indeed can be a bug too, in that case we cannot help you. Only support will be able to help.

That’s a bug IMO. It makes no sense to allow people to rename flows but not update that name in other flows that reference it.

I would agree, but it has been a bug for ages now. I don’t know if they themself think it is a bug.

Maybe this is of any use

As @JPe4619 said, a flow does exist, just not by the old name. The best way to find it is through the devices it operates. Two ways: in the device page, go to the flows tab to see which flows are associated with that device and look through them.

The other way, if “it” happens (what the seemingly non-existent flow does that you do not want, look into the device log. There you can often see which flow operated the device at the given time: