Hidden flow?

Hi Guys,

I was building a flow (to turn lights on and off automatically). I named the flow “@Home”, but this flow suddenly disappeared from my Flows. BUT the flow is stil active. There is no other flow which is turning my lights on and off, but it is happening and exactly as I was programming it.

Anybody a clue how I can troubleshoot this? I am convinced the flow is running!!!

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You can try to go to devices, then to the device that is switched on, there at the bottom you find the link to the flow that is used to switch this on.

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Is it hidden in both web app and phone app?
I can’t reproduce it. I used @Home and "@Home" as flow names, but it stays visible in both web- and phone app.

Tried that but don’t see the flow in there ;( Let’s see what happens tonight because it is only triggering between after sunset and before sunrise! Thanks for the suggestion

Hi @Peter_Kawa

I was programming using the browser. But also in the phone app not visible. Isn’t there a way to view the running processes on the homey?

Kind regards Bob

Hey Bob, it suddenly popped up, the other day there was something really weird with the web flow editor.
I was building and editing a flow. But it’s name changed multiple times to the flow name in the flow list on the left, when I hovered with the mouse.
Those flows were in the same folder.
And, Homey allows for duplicate flow names unfortunately (their ‘underwater’ ID is different though).
So I’m pretty sure your flow has a different name, and has an equal name of another flow.

About viewing running procs and logs, that’s top secret for us owners somehow.
One solution is to add log cards to each flow, so you can view what triggered OK and what should have. You can also determine if a flow ran, but some devices did not respond.

To be able to discover what your flows are doing and when, and how many times (per sec), you can consider installing Papertrails app, and add log cards to all of your flows in just one go.
It also adds ELSE logcards, if used.
It even replaces SimpleLog cards if present.
It doesn’t replace existing Papertrails logcards.

Goto (using Chrome of Firefox): homeybackup.web.app
Make sure you made a recent backup

The script halts at the first broken flow, here you can find how to get a list of all broken flows, so you can repair or delete them:

Then, select Papertrails at the bottom right side, then select Maintenance.
From there just follow instructions.

Monitoring your logs / flows:

  • Via mobile Homey app: go to apps/Papertrails and hit “Configure”
  • Or via developer appsettings and select Papertrails.
    This way you can monitor your flows realtime, without needing to leave the mobile Homey app.
    Or, on a pc/laptop, you can edit your flows and monitor the logs with two browser panes next to eachother.
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Are you sure? Use the phone app:
Open the devices pane, if you longpress a device in that particular flow, it should show the flow(s) it is part of

You can also view what flow switched the device

@Bob_Oosterbaan Hi, first sorry for my bad english,

Go to the app you use for your lights and you see all your flows.

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Hi @Peter_Kawa,

Sorry for my late response. I was on holiday :wink: I found the problem and you are right. The flow what’s was causing the problem was in a flow with the same name of a different flow. Very strange…but glad I found it! Thanks for support!!


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Thanks for letting me know, Bob.
Yes it’s possible to use equal names for flows somehow. Only the (“underwater”) ID’s are unique.