Can Ghost flows exist? how to delete them?

I have been modifying flows, renaming them and ultimately replacing them with advanced flows with the same name.

Now I see in the log messages from a flow that does no longer appear in the list of flows. Could it be possible that the flow is still hanging around somewhere and is still active?

Would there be a way to search for flows from a script?

Thanks in advance!

That doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. I would at least add a trailing “New” or “AF” or whatever to the new Adv. flows

But as you discovered, yea, one can name flows exactly the same :roll_eyes::thinking: (don’t ask me why).
It’s possible, while Homey only uses the generated flow ID’s, which never are the same.
But, as you can see, when I search for a part of a flow name, it shows both duplicate flows, it doesn’t get ‘hidden’ or something:

You can try this Device Capabilities app flowcard, when you know what card(s) were used in the flow, so it’s able to find any flow with that particular card:

This below should spit out each and every flow:
You can run these commands in Web API Playground
For standard flows:

For advanced flows:

Thanks for the info. In the meantime I found that it was my bad. Forgot about a flow in a corner :face_with_spiral_eyes: