Deleting flows in Web API Playground on developers page

I am running v2.02 on Homey and have the following problem. I think during the several updates from 1.15 to 2.02 I am not seeing all my flows anymore in the app. If I go to the developer page and run Homey.flow.getFlows(); I see all my flows there. But if I look in my app I am not seeing them. This causes a lot of problems. Is there anyway of deleting these flows in the Web API Playground by using a delete command for the flow I would like to delete.

Make sure that you also report this problem:

Deleting there is absoluut possible, did that before 2.0 from Homeyscript but that doesn’t have enough permissions anymore .
You need to specify the id in the call.

If these flows are connected to apps (devices for which you have installed apps) you can open the flows through the app-page:

If I have this flow below. How should I remove it I am sorry but I am not a developer:

Could you paste the following line in the API-Playground and then check again if the flow is still there?
Homey.flow.deleteFlow ({id: 'ddc16f4d-a889-4158-bb55-52b5d38189bd'});

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This works thanks If I change the ID I can remove all the flows which I not see Thanks for your help. I also will report this problem at Athom

You’re welcome… Couldn’t have done it without @Dijker though :slight_smile:

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