Cannot connect any Zigbee devices

I’ve been having issues getting Zigbee devices connected to Homey ever since the v5 update (possibly even before)

I assumed this was because I was at the limits of devices but I have now removed a bunch over the past few months and just now tried to reconnect one that was connected previously. Still cannot get device to connect.

My Zigbee devices that are connected however work flawlessly…

Any advise on resolving without full system reset?

Are you trying to avoid a full system reset or a full Zigbee reset? because the latter solved a lot for quite a few users. It does require to re-add all zigbee and fix all corresponding flows, but to me that was worth it.

A Zigbee reset also solves the fact that many old zigbee meshes used an insecure fixed network key and looks for a channel that sees to have little interference with wifi. I suspect that new zigbee channel Homey chose had a lot to do with the improvements in pairing and mesh stability.

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Fair question… Both really…!
Re-setting up all the zigbee devices would be a major pain and they’re used for some fairly “critical” systems in my house which I’d rather avoid interfering with - especially if for some reason it doesnt get fixed and I then can’t re-add the items!
(not to mention then fixing all the flows… which is never as easy as you think it will be)

Ah… I see and I understand. It puts you between a rock and a hard place though, unless you start buying z-wave from now on. :stuck_out_tongue: I hope some-one has some other magic for you.

I think I’ve seen people do a Zigbee reset followed by a backup restore but I believe that gave only temporal relief, and it is also not without risk.

I myself did have some success adding devices shortly after a reboot (when not all direct connected devices have reported in I presume).

There’s also a procedure on the forum that Athom suggested, which was in short to turn Homey upside down to enter setup, press alt to reveal an option to download a full firmware while holding all settings. That is a rather safe first option I think. The steps are posted here: Zigbee issue (5.0.0-rc47) - #6 by harmenkuijer but of course you should omit the zigbee reset step in the end.


Thanks, will give that a try!

Well the trying straight after reboot didn’t work… Will try the other way tomorrow

Well, this has gone really badly.

I got distracted by kids during the setup process just after I connected Homey to wifi and now something has timed out and I can no longer connect my Homey using the app and can no longer get it to enter recovery mode…
After initial orange rings after boot it just sits there

Edit. Okay, after a number of PTP I got it back into setup mode somehow, and updated, completed setup with data restore option but my app still doesn’t see my Homey :confused:
Will give it a bit longer to boot before getting worries but this was quite a stressful process!!

Okay, so we’re back in action. Phew.

However after all that my ZigBee is still not working
ZigBee devices already added still work, but I cannot add new ones (or old ones that are removed…)

Very concerned that if I reset the ZigBee I might get nothing connected again

the same problem.

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same here as well
thinking i might just get a Hue bridge and put all zigbee onto that, and pair that with homey.
at least that seems to be a solution

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Just so you know I went through the ringer with support - they couldn’t find a solution…

mine magically started working after re adding again, after latest updates from homey and xiaomi
I still get almost no routs showing for zigbee but they seem to work for now

The Zigbee routes list is basically broken for battery operated devices. It won’t update working routes no matter what I try. Also, @Dijker’s Zigbee health check, which depends on it, keeps reporting bad routes for devices that work just fine. Zigbee is super stable for me, but not according to the routes list.

Reopening this thread since I have the exact same problem now. Did you ever find a solution to this problem?

Nope :frowning:

I have the same zigbee problem…
did anybody find a solution?

Sort of… My solution was to move to Home Assistant… :rofl::sob:

Home Assistant is for techies… unfortunately I am not

I’m considering going this way myself…

I won’t lie, it’s been a journey, and there’s a big learning curve, but I haven’t looked back and haven’t regretted it at all