Bluetooth Thermometer Hygrometer from Xiaomi

My devices are Xiaomi Mijia Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2 ” LYWSD03MMC with ATC custom firmware via Telink Flasher added in Home Assistant with Passive BLE Monitor integration (Xiaomi Mijia BLE MiBeacon monitor) - Custom Components - Home Assistant Community. Once visible in HA, I added them to Homey through Home Assistant App in Homey Community Store, not using Beacon App. I can monitor them perfectly and use their capabilities in flows.
ble ble2

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Ah, I thought you meant you were using the devices with Homey directly :smiley:

I can detect them with Homey, but didn’t get how to manage them directly…but HA solved it :grinning:
Immagine 2021-04-26 111031

What are these screenshots? They are not from Homey (at least I haven’t seen such screens), and they are not from Home Assistant (at least I haven’t seen such screens)…


Any new “hopes” about connecting a thermometer? :pray:

Thought I´d post here to help someone else. I have two Xiaomi BT thermometer hygrometers. Last week I discovered that I can use my Xiaomi Bedside Lamp as “BLE Gateway” (option under profile in the Android Xiaomi app). It connects to the BLE sensors via Bluetooth, and uploads to Xiaomi cloud. It can then be brought into Home Assistant via this integration.

The best would off course be if Homey could connect directly to these devices via Bluetooth.

Sorry for revival but does anyone succeeded to add these BLE (Xiaomi and ATC) as passive BLE sensor? I mean sniffing and decoding broadcast?

You’re going to need a specific app for that, which AFAIK doesn’t exist for Homey.

I think so.
I’m using BLE Ruuvi app with success, ATC and other works the same they send a broadcast frame that just need to be decoded. So my guess would be to have a kind of generic BLE broadcast decoder, starting with ATC or public MI (like the picture) would be awesome. Unfortunately, I’m not skilled for. That’s a shame.

Guys, I have just put together an application that scans for these (LYWSD03MMC) devices flashed with ATC firmware.
It needs to use the ATC441 format.

The code is quite dirty, feel free to use or modify it. :slight_smile:
Already submitted as an application to Homey, it is currently under testing.

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Hello guys, hello ZsR, I made some changes, fix bug and can participate if you want. I made pull request so you can check it on github. There is still bug with battery, maybe check later. But thx! Finally my thermometers works with homey! :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking you time and fixing the code! I merged your fix! :slight_smile:

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Thanks ZsR and horakamr, it works great.