Bluetooth Thermometer Hygrometer from Xiaomi


Seeing that the Xiaomi Flora bluetooth sensor is supported, would it be possible to add this thermometer also?

Best you can do is to contact the devolper of the app

Hello, i’m interesting too, but don’t have a solution … If you discover it, i’m ready. Because i tested Everspring ST 814, it’s great but so big to my opinion …

Im starting develop app for this device, already detect device and get batery level.

But there is problem with ManagerBle to work with indicator/notifiy on Homey sdk, which is almost imposible for now.
Also Ble has issue with retrieving BleDescriptor, so we need little push Homey developers to fix this state and create som workouround.

I’ve asked for BLE Notify support more than a year ago, so I can only assume that improving BLE isn’t given a lot of priority at Athom.

Yes it`s little sad, bc. notify and indicator is big part of Ble.

Maybe try to create hack on low lvl, when thay have lack of support for that.

There’s no way to work around missing functionality like that, because an app is totally dependent on what the Homey core software does or doesn’t implement. And app processes on Homey are very limited in how they can interact with the hardware, so you can’t simply load up your own version of, say, noble.

One think is not created functionality like notifiy or indicator, but another is issue like,
Im not able obtain BleDescriptor from await BleCharacteristic.discoverDescriptors() it always stuck.
Also when im debugging with node inspector, its never go through this command and stoped on 60 second timeout of not interacting with BlePeripheral.

I seem to remember a similar issue, although it’s been quite a while since I’ve done anything BLE related with Homey.

Nice to know im not only one.
A will create reading on my other devices like raspberry or NAS and API request from Homey till they fix this.

Hello everybody, and many thanks to your interest of developement app!

For information

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I’m also very interested in integration of this device!

As for now I integrated this device with Home Assistant running on my NAS, and then integrated Home Assistant with Homey using this software: On the one hand it seems to be waste of CPU cycles to run Home Assistant instance just for being a proxy for a thermometer, on the other - it might solve the problems with bluetooth range, because you could place the thermometer far away from Homey, just close to some RaspberryPi with Home Assistant working as a BLE gateway.

Hello, is there any progress on the integration of the Xiaomi Bluetooth-thermometer en hygrometer? Would be very nice.

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Homey’s BLE stack still doesn’t support notifications, so until that has been implemented by Athom it’s not possible to support this device.

Ok, I understand that direct communication between Homey and this sensor is not possible right now. And what about indirect communication - via some kind of gateway?

I was the one who wrote about integration via Home Assistant - it was working, but it was a lot of manual setup. Maybe there is some Xiaomi gateway which already supports this sensor and can talk to Homey?

Hi there, is someone who already try communication with this device on homey 6?

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This should work better with 6.0.0, indeed. Let me know if any devs are on it and need testers :slight_smile:

I manage them perfectly but through Home Assistant (sqared model LYWSD03MMC). They started to work properly only after v6.0 update and now I have in Homey temp, humidity and battery level.

Which Homey app are you using for them?