Inkbird bluetooth device

Hey there,

Just wondering, is it possible to recieve some kind of data from my Inkbird Bluetooth thermometer in homey?

Ideally i would like a notification on phone when the app set temperature would have be achieved. Homey is in range of the thermometer, but my phone sometimes is not.

No. Can’t find anything about that thermometer in Apps for Homey and no clone App exists either.

Cheapest option would be buying a Homey supported thermometer, like Aqara
With these two ideas you should be able to read out your Inkbird:

Hey Peter,

Any idea what would be a homey compatible barbecue thermometer? I dont think my multisensor 7 holds up at 300* celcius. :thinking:

Homeassistent is a bit to far for me right now, still struggeling with some basic homey stuff.


The same here. I have an Inkbird thermometer RF433 for the pool. Is it envisageable on homey ?
Product Reference : Pool Thermometer Set IBS-P01R Inkbird Wireless Pool Thermometer Set Digital Floating Sensor IBS-P01R – INKBIRD