Inkbird itc 308 wifi

Hello fellow homey’s

I have an small problem for my inkbird itc 308 wifi control i would like to control this with my homey.
Is there an solution or an app for my homey to connect with?
Could anyone help me to solve this problem?
The app for the inkbird is nice but i would love to connect it in my flows with homey.
Then my wife can use the one and only app for homey to control the hottub😁

If it can be added to the Tuya Smart smartphone app, you can control it using the Homey Tuya Cloud app.

Don work in honey
You say it do

Hi Jaap,

Did you succeeded to connect the inkbird app worh homey (pro 2023)?

I’m curious cause I bought the thermometer from inkbird for my hottub…

Nope i didnt get it to work so i need another app sorry