WiFi water kettle (NL: waterkoker)

Hi all,

Anyone familiar with a smart water kettle that can be connected to Homey? The Smarter.am iKettle is not supported anymore it seems.
I would prefer WiFi (or evt Zigbee or so) over a Bluetooth kettle, since Homey is not near my kitchen and not by a smartplug in between.
Would be nice to have the water already boiled when I come down to the kitchen for some tea. And set temperature, keep the water warm, etc.

This would be a nice option, but I see no app for it in the Homey App Store:
Link to the manufacturer

Have added this request to the community app request topic.

Anybody know of other options?


I’m also looking for a new water kettle (NL) with temperature control. And if possible with a wifi connection to Homey!

I saw that media has a wifi kettle. I thought Nedis connect was supported?

Also this kettle, from homey shop:

Best regards

Someone already found a way to connect the Princess kettle to homey? Would be really awesome to be able to connect it so the lights flash when water is ready etc