App/wifi enabled oven

Anyone here got any experience with ovens and Homey? I’m considering switching over to something like smartthings for oven, fridge and freezer. The oven’s not too important to control by app, but for fridge and freezer it would be nice to be able to set alarms and such.

For the fridge and freezer I have RuuviTag App for Homey | Homey and then a flow monitoring for the temperatures for both and then send a message to me in Telegram, if the temperature is rising. Might be that someone didn’t close the door :slight_smile:

As for the ovens, RuuviTags will melt, so not a good idea there. would need something more robust. To monitor a roast for example yo can use Meater Cloud App for Homey | Homey.

Thanks. I was actually thinking more about ovens, fridges and freezers with built-in functionality. I use zigbee sensors in my fridge and freezers today, but it’s getting close to the time where I need to replace them and I’m looking at devices from Miele, Samsung and others.

I got NEFF smart enabled: induction top, dishwasher and oven. I didn’t go for the wifi fridge but that was solely because i didn’t like the door pockets being so high up the fridge door.
Very happy with the products, i use Home Connect to operate the products and the home connect app for homey to keep an eye on things (open door indicator, temperature ect).
It`s pricey for sure but Miele charges an outrageous premium for smart functionality compared to NEFF.