Mill wifi setup in homey

Hey good people.
I’ve been dealing with Mill ovens in homey for a couple of years. I have 4 ovvens, and a couple of sockets.
They all seem to be working fine for a while and then suddenly they’re all out of order again

So, my question is. How have you set this up? Di you use the comfort etc. From the mill app? Or are they all controlled completely by homey?
If the last is the case. How is the mill app set up to keep it from overstearing the homey?
Thanks alot in advance from me. But I guess even more from my wifi who is currently hating my smart house…

Please use search and ask in the appropriate topic, as linked in the App store or use the search to centralize questions about a specific App of device/brand.

Older app [APP][Pro] Mill WiFi Heaters
or the new app [APP][Pro] Mill Heating
Depending which one you are using.

Therefore Closed.