[APP][Pro] Mill Heating

Mill Heating

Homey Pro support for Mill Heating.

Homey App Store: Mill Heating App for Homey | Homey

Supported Devices

  • All Mill WiFi Heaters (including Sockets)
  • Mill Sense Air
  • Mill Silent Pro Compact

How to Use the Mill Heating App on Homey Pro

Adding Mill Devices to Homey:

Standard Procedure:

  1. Install the Mill Heating App on your Homey Pro.
  2. Configure App Settings:
    • Use your Mill app credentials to log in.
  3. Device Addition:
    • Select “Add a new device” in Homey and follow the prompts.


  1. Migration Check:
    • Visit Mill Migration Check.
    • Opt for “Check migration status + Migrate (if needed)”.
    • Await completion.
  2. Restart Mill App in Homey:
    • Accessible via Homey’s settings.
  3. Attempt to add devices again.

Important Notes:

  • Device Assignment for Mill Drivers:
    • Mill Driver: Devices must be assigned to a room in the Mill app and should not be in “Control Individually” mode.
    • Mill v2 Driver: Requires devices to be in “Control Individually” mode for individual control within Homey.
  • Choose the Right Driver: Depending on your preferred control method (room-based or individual), select the appropriate Mill driver in Homey.

Unresolved Issues:

  1. Generate a Diagnostic Report:
    • Navigate to More → Apps → Mill Heating → Create Diagnostic Report in Homey.
  2. Email me at mill@coderax.dev with:
    • Error details.
    • Screenshots (if possible).
    • Diagnostic report code.

Understanding Mill Drivers:

Mill Driver:

  • Room-Based Control: Devices must not be in “Control Individually” mode and should be assigned to a room in the Mill app.
  • Unified Room Control in Homey: Each room in the Mill app is represented as a single device in Homey, grouping multiple heaters together.
  • Ideal for Users Preferring Standard Setup: Best suited for those who wish to retain the preset programs from the Mill app and prefer a simpler, room-based control system.

Mill v2 Driver:

  • Individual Device Control: Requires devices to be set in “Control Individually” mode.
  • Separate Device Control in Homey: Each heater appears as an individual device in Homey, offering more precise and individual control.
  • Full Control with Homey: Overrides any preset programs in the Mill app, giving Homey complete control over each device.
  • Local API Support: Provides faster response and more reliable control under certain network conditions.
  • Enhanced Flexibility and Precision: Ideal for users who desire more granular control over their heating system and are comfortable setting up similar schedules or programs within Homey.

For more detailed information about the app and its usage, please visit the Mill Heating Wiki.


Getting this error while trying to add new devices:

Check if your account needs to be migrated over to the new API. You can do that here: Mill Heating Migration Check :slight_smile:

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Migration is now complete, I migrated 3 devices.
Now when I try adding my Mill Devices I get this:

Never mind, I had to clear the user session from the App and then save it again.
Now it worked :+1:

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Hello guys, thank you for the fantastic App! It has been such a perfect timing developing it exactly the time I’ve been setting up my Homey. :slight_smile:
Just wondering, are you having plans to add support for Mill Silent Pro Compact?
I‘ve got one and willing to play with the app’s code, to get it working. :slight_smile:

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Hey! Thanks for your feedback @Ivelin_Ivanov. :slight_smile:
As of right now, I don’t have any plans to add support for more devices. Not because I don’t want to, but simply because I don’t have any other products other than Mill Socket, and Mill Sense Air, and also because I haven’t gotten any requests to add more. :smile: I’ve been in dialogue with Mill for a while now, and the plan is that Mill will take over the app when they start developing the official app. I could add support for Silent Pro Compact, but as I don’t have it myself, it’s harder to add support for it, without knowing how it reacts to the code. Are you a developer yourself? You’re more than welcome to dive into the code if you want, and if you figure out how to add support for Mill Silent Pro Compact, you could either open a pull request on GitHub, or contact me directly. :slight_smile:
Looking forward to hearing from you! :slight_smile:


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First thanks for writing this App seems very promising! I also have 3 Mill Wifi heaters and an Andriod user. I have read in the past that the andriod app update was still delayed but that I could use the migration link to move my devices to the new API. Is there any word from Mill on the Andriod update?
I waited on migrating my devices so that I could use both App and Homey Integration.

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I migrated for using with Homey - but was not clear of missing the Mill app support. Now I’m strugling to migrate back to the Mill app. Is there any way of doing that?

Thanks for your feedback! Unfortunately, I’m not sure if it’s possible to migrate back. Sorry if this wasn’t clear. You could try to contact Mill support, and ask if they could migrate you back to the previous API. Very sorry for the inconvenience! :frowning:


hanks for your feedback! :slight_smile: As I don’t work at Mill, I don’t have running information about upcoming updates etc. I am although in dialogue with the developers at Mill. I can hear with them if they have an ETA on the Android update. :slight_smile:


Could you add a when “TVOC level has changed” card? All the other reading has it, except tvoc.

Of course! I’ll have it ready by tonight.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello again! Your requested flow card has been added and update is pushed to test :slight_smile:

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Made my flow using it last night, and it works just fine.Thanks for the very quick update.

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I have the same problem.
What do you mean by clearing the user session from the app?
Maybe I am missing something, is there another forum with more information, as it looks like this one is very new?

Restarting the app inside Homey should do the trick. :slight_smile:
There is an older thread here. This version of the app is a re-write of @glennsp ’s original app. Some of the guides in the old thread might still be relevant, but future questions and requests should be posted in this one. :slight_smile:

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if anything is unclear. I’d be more than happy to assist you, and get your ovens back on track in Homey! :fire: :smiley:

Still the same error. I am reading something about missing Mill app support.
Does that mean that I have to remove my devices from the Mill app on my iPhone?

Got it working! I have tried restarting a couple of times, entered my password once more. Now it’s working. Might be a wrong password.
Thank you for your hard work!

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I get timeout when trying to connect to my Mill GL1200WIFI3.
I am not migrating since my HP2023 is my first HP.
I am pretty sure that my Mill password is entered correctly.