How do Mill official App as supplied by Mill and Homey work together

I just got myself a Mill heater and am using the Mill Homey App. Now I’m a bit confused how it works.

After installation the Mill official App on my smartphone, I can have the Mill Heater following a program to heat to ‘comfort’, ‘sleep’ or ‘away’ during the day according to a defined time schedule.

After I installed the Mill App on the homey I can create flows to heat to ‘comfort’, ‘sleep’ or ‘away’ as I want to.
Now my question is whether the program on the Mill official App and my flows on the Homey conflict with each other.
In other words if Homey sets the Mill heater to ‘away’ because I’m on holiday will then the Mill Official app still put it to ‘sleep’ since the program on the Mill Official app has this scheduled?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then how do I prevent that the Mill official app overrules the Homey flows??

easy way is to avoid using the official app to control the heater.

i would suggest to not use two controllers to set something. so the automatic control should either be done by the official app or by homey.

the baddest what can happen is that your heater will have two different inputs and only using the last received as actual state.

Thanks for the answer and I agree on your statement, but how to implement that?
To my understanding Mill App on the Homey makes use of the settings (comfort = 20 degrees, Sleep = 19 degrees, away = 15 degrees) of the official Mill App.
I’m not aware that I can use Mill App on Homey without using the official Mill App

As you allready requested this in the official Topic for the app and i don’t can provide any answere to that as i don’t have a clue how the app is programmed, you may need to wait for the reply over at the other topic.