[APP][Pro] Miele@Home

My first app, used to connect Miele devices with Homey.

To use this app, you will need to register with Miele, since all data comes from the official Miele API. With a Miele account, you can connect your devices to your account. After this is done successfully, the devices can be added to Homey by logging in with the same credentials and giving permission to the Homey App.

Since we don’t own all Miele devices that are supported (we only own the dryer), there is a possibility that other devices don’t work correctly. Please report any issues you experience in this thread or on the GitHub repository.

Currently supported:

  • Washer
  • Dryer
  • Dishwasher
  • Oven

More flow cards are on the way, as is the ability to remotely start devices.



I could connect the washer.

Just tested connecting as it isn’t my device .

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Great job, i was waiting a long time for this. Many thanks. Adding Dryer and Wasching Machine worked well. The washing machine isn’t visible for the flows. As device I can see this:

But when trying to make a flow i can’t choose the washing machine, no tags either.

Thanks for trying the app! Version 0.1.1 indeed only supports flow triggers for dryers. Version 0.1.2 (currently in review and available trough the link below) has support for flow triggers for dishwashers, dryers, washers and ovens.

The next phase is actually implementing the Remote Start functionality, which is also not supported at the moment.

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Awesome, will waith for the next update. First flow has been made. Girlfriend will :heart_eyes: it. And even I can say something about it, hé the washing machine is ready, don’t you have nothing to do now???

I was waiting for a long time for this app and very happy there is one now. :slight_smile:
I could add the dishwasher but when I want to add the steamoven/oven and microwave/oven, the app says: No new devices found.

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I just went trough the documentation again, and noticed that Mieke has different IDs for steam/microwave/“plain” ovens. I did not think to check this.

This means that the coming few days, only “normal” ovens will be supported. I plan to build a “start now” functionality in the dishwasher as a test, so I will make sure steam- and microwave-ovens are supported by then as well. I hope to be able to update the code in the coming few days, so stay tuned.


@Timyboy12345 Thank you very much that you will add the steam- and microwave-ovens. I will wait for the update. :slight_smile:

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@robertklep Would it be possible to get these devices visible in HomeKit using HomeyKit?

Perhaps, it entirely depends on the capabilities that they use.

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@Timyboy12345 Thank for adding this app, last week I received my new Miele Washing Machine and I was actually amazed that there was no Miele app for Homey…
But I just saw this community Email that you created 1 perfect I will see and test if I have feedback I’ll let you know.

@Timyboy12345 Finaly! Great job!
But I only get the status etc in Dutch, is it possible for me to change language to English/Norwegian?

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@Frode_Dragseth This is something I plan to implement in the next version. Some things that should not be hard-coded are now hard-coded, which includes the terms “Aan / Uit”, “Programma”, etc…

@Everyone Else: I noticed Homey approved the new version today, so if you update, flow triggers are available for all supported devices. A generic “Device is done” is sadly not available (yet?), but you could check if the “time to completion” has been set to 0.

Please let me know if something does not work as intended.

Hi Timboy,
Hereby my small feedback so far.

  • the Miele app gives Energy and water usage
    Your app shows the Droplet symbol in Watts
    Maybe add Energy (lightening symbol) aswell so you have both
  • Is it possible you could change the duration times
    166 min. =》2:46
  • If possible a flow that tells me when the wash is finished

Thanks :blush: and keep up the good work

Hi Timyboy,
thanks alot for doing this work! I have a DGC7460 Combi Dampfgarer. Don’t know how it is called in english. It works with steam. I tried to connect it but after giving the credentials homey could not find any new device. So I will wait for future updates.
Best regards

Hi, thank you for making the Miele app. One suggestion, could you please write english. I installed the app and the language is in dutch?? I dont understand this.

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A new version has been released! V0.1.3 is out now, with support for way more devices and English status and program names. Please let me know if a device is not working properly or if you can’t find your device.

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Hi Tim,

Well i see you’ve managed to have some things in there in English. I’m Dutch and dont mind that something is in English but my washing machine card is now showing English and Dutch text mixed please check your Homey langauge. If homey is running English then…if Dutch then everything is in Dutch :wink:

All and all keep up the good work thank you

Hi Tim,

Great app! at the moment i am using GitHub - QuickSander/homebridge-mieleathome to power on my coffee machine when arriving home and power off when leaving home it works perfectly, but i want to leave homebridge to have it all on homey. I hope you can add this device its the CVA7845

Beste regards Dennis

Any plans to add suport for combined Washer and Dryer, I have a WT1, Wash & Dry XXL, but do not find it wia the app.

Skjold Haugstad