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Has anyone figured out how to get the app to sende a notice when a unit is finished with its program? I have been trying the following two with the washer and dryer, but none of them has worked.

Your topic title implies that this is the “official”/dedicated topic for the Miele app.

I see two Miele apps in the Homey App Store (which one are you using?):
The app by Miele itself:

(This app does not link to this topic here).

And the app by community member @Timyboy12345:

The latter links to this topic as it’s dedicated support topic:

I suggest to keep [APP][Pro] reserved for “official”/dedicated app support topics.
In time it has grown a bit this way, and it keeps it clear this way… :slight_smile:

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Had also already flagged the post and asked the admins to change the topic title.
From the title, I guess that he means the Official Miele app developed by Miele, so there is probably no “common” thread.

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The official one, hence the title :slight_smile:

@DirkG and I suggest you remove the [APP][Pro] prefix in your topic title. Adding “Official” as you just did, doesn’t make it better; worse even.

Better just mention in the message itself that it handles about the Miele app by Miele itself and name the topic “How to send notice when Miele device is finished?” or something like that. That covers your question far better… :wink:


I solved this one, this worked:

I see Miele just released their own version, I would highly suggest using their official app. I will change the title of the other topic, since for now, there is now reason to use my version, and their app will probably be the best solution for almost everyone.

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I am talking about their own version, hence the use of the word official :slight_smile: !

Created a “Official” topic for this App.

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Hi Miele, thank you for this app!
I have two wishes:

  • It would be great if I can see if my hob is turned on or off
    So I can see if its still on when I’m leaving home.
    So I can turn on the lights above the hob when turned on.
    So I want to be able to test this in the IF and in the ELSE.
  • I want to create a notification in my living room when the next item must be put in the steam-oven.
    So, IF a new item has to be put in THEN generate the notification.

Thank you!

Peeps, why don’t you read the first post? :man_shrugging:t3:

The same applies to feature requests.

If the device has an on/off switch and it doesn’t provide an AND card for it, it should still be possible to check the global Tag for this capability witv a logic card. Search the device in the tag list and check if there is a tag for the on/off capability.

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Hi all - I have the Homey-Pro and have downloaded the Miele app. i have several brand new Miele appliances and am able to add all except the oven. I have tried all available options that appear but am told no appliance can be found. Out of interest, the Miele app finds it without an issue and it is connected via wi-fi through that channel.
I have sent a ticket but no response there. Was wondering if anyone has experienced similar issues and has a hack for me. I have tried uninstalling, resetting as well as removing from the Miele app but it just doesnt help.
Trying here now