Can anybody help me to integrate Miele@mobile in Homey? I want to manage all mine Miele appliances. Grtz Erik

Would be nice if it could be integrated. Saw they have an open api, but my knowledge for making an app is not sufficient enough. Maybe with http requests it is possible?

would be nice if you did :ok_hand:t3:

the question is if someone can help him, don’t give a response or give a helpful answer :+1:t3:

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Good reaction :+1::+1::+1:


Helping some one else create an app is much harder than is is to write one yourself. Any one with programming experience is able to using the documentation and online community.

I may be tempted to write such an app in a few months time. But there are a lot of IF’s and BUT’s:

Currently I do not own Miele@mobile devices, and there’s not much fun in building an app for devices you do not own. Also, testing is a bitch if you have to push the app to a user that does for every attempt. And I’m guessing you don’t consider donating a Miele connected Smart Home :crazy_face:

I want to replace my Miele washing machine, so IF I replace my old with a connected one I will probably be tempted to write the app for it. BUT not if I decide to buy something else. I won’t replace it before next month, because they will take 21m2 out of the roof above my old one to place a dormer in one month time. After that I will investigate replacements.

And there are more BUT’s: Most of my other stuff is Siemens and I like those. So IF one day I’ll also replace my dryer with a Miele that will be fun, but likely nothing in my kitchen will be Miele soon. And other devices will be requested in seconds.

Athom does not like multiple apps for the same thing, so the pressure will be high to add a lot more devices I do not own. And as I said, there’s not much fun… (Although adding more devices is less of a hassle than adding the first).

And yet another BUT: Miele says in their documentation that they can change the API to their hearts delight. So when they do, man, I already feel the pressure to fix all broken integrations…

So, It would mean I might not want to unless there are more contributors, and it is probably best if Athom would pick this up together with Miele.


Allemaal leuk en aardig gesproken, maar er gebeurd nix. Ik zeg veel geschreeuw e doch weinig wol! Hopelijk ziet iemand wel kans om de vraag, om een miele@home app te ontwikkelen, op te pakken.

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Reacties zoals deze zijn, naast mijn eerdergenoemde bezwaren, des te meer reden er niet aan te beginnen. Hoeveel wol heb je zelf al bijgedragen?

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Dank voor je snelle reactie.
Wat ik bedoelde te zeggen is dat je naar mijn mening gewoon kunt zeggen dat gewoon geen zin hebt om een app te maken waar je zelf geen gebruik van maakt, in plaats van een heel zever verhaal te posten.Fijne avond!

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I quite recently bought the Miele washer and building an app for it is optional on my todo list. No promises whatsoever. I’m currently working on another app so if I will it won’t be soon.

But comparing me to a bleating sheep does not show much appreciation for my concerns or my efforts to manage your obviously high expectations on my free contributions. So I will stop this conversation now and kindly ask you to refrain from derogatory remarks on the forum.


Thanx for your information an the time and effort you are gone spend on building a great app!

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Hi Edwin,

It would be nice to create an app for Miele@home washmachines and dryers.
Can i do a build request to you, of course i could give you a fee for that.

Gr, Sander. (NL)

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I’m most likely moving away from Homey to Home Assistant. I’ll keep supporting the apps I created for Homey, but am therefore not in the market for adding more Homey apps to my list. Sorry.

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