Xiaomi Door/Window sensor version 2, Homey support?

Anybody knows if Homey supports this device?

Do you mean this one? (if not, please provide a link to the device you’re referring to)

If so, my guess is that it will require BLE capabilities that Homey lacks.

Completely off topic, but check dat link from @robertklep. Who puts a sensor on the cookie jar? :rofl:

Also, too bad Homey doesn’t support BLE. But on the other hand, I used Eve products (with Bluetooth) and they were bad. So just use Zigbee.

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Homey does support BLE, it just lacks some important features that a lot of devices require.

So you consider putting a sensor on the toilet lid is normal?


Oh, then that is what it is! :wink: But you also need extenders to have this work properly if your house is anything bigger than a small living room.
@TedTolboom was that a toilet seat? OMG lol

That’s not even a really bad idea, together with a pressure sensor detecting of someone left the toilet, smart speaker yelling CLOSE DOWN THE LID…

yes sir, thats the one.

I guess no support for it then huh? Tough luck. Thanks for the reply tho! :slight_smile: