Correct integration of Xiaomi Mijia Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor

Hi there!

I have some cheap BLE Xiaomi Mijia Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2 (LYWSD03MMC), with Telink custom firmware installed (Telink Flasher) and integrated in Home Assistant. They show in real time temperature and humidity, as well as the battery state.
When I add them to Homey through the Home Assistant app, I can easily detect all the “entities” (except battery state, don’t know why), but when added I cannot read the measurements.
Immagine 2021-04-13 115719

There is a way to read them correctly in Homey?
Thank you in advance!! :wave:t2:

Guys, I have just put together an application that scans for these devices flashed with ATC firmware.
The code is quite dirty, feel free to use or modify it. :slight_smile:
Already submitted as an application to Homey.

Hello ZsR, I paired my temperature sensors with your app. Flashed ATC, everything paired good but on senzor, there is 27°C, in Homey 1°C. Any idea what can be wrong?

Thank you


I tried install the app to Homey, but I get error:
✓ Pre-processing app…
✓ Validating app…
× Homey App did not validate against level debug:
“keyword”: “additionalProperties”,
“dataPath”: “.images”,
“schemaPath”: “#/definitions/images/additionalProperties”,
“params”: {
“additionalProperty”: “xlarge”
“message”: “should NOT have additional properties”

What could be the problem? Thanks!