Show and log temperature lower than -20c

I have recently replaced a Xiaomi Mi home hub with Athom homey pro and the temp/humidity sensors could connect to homey without any issues.
Now when it is -29.7C outside I notice that both in the sesor view and the insigthts temp is limited to -19.7C.
On the Mi I could follow temp below -30C so my conclusion is that this limit is on the Athom system🤔 What can I do to follow real temp for so long the sensors can go?

Feel kind of like a fool for going for the athom at this point.:confused:

It’s a limit imposed by the app (@TedTolboom): com.xiaomi-mi-zigbee/device.js at 552fc133fa0351ff4db32516adbe7090d188b6d0 · TedTolboom/com.xiaomi-mi-zigbee · GitHub

Xiaomi states that the valid temperature range for the sensor is -20+50°C:

It’s also quite interesting that the temperature in the sensor view is exactly 10 degrees higher than the actual temperature (but that could be a coincidence because it’s also exactly the stated precision) :thinking:

Not really if you look at the code.

It ignores any value below 20 degrees, so the -19.7 degrees is the last update before the actual temperature dropped below -20