Beacon - An app for presence detection using BLE beacons

Same results here! No false positives anymore :star_struck:
I was on 16-1-10 and just altered it to 15-1-5.

I love the app. But my aliexpress beacon drain the battery pretty fast. So i want to look te replace them but i am not sure which beacons are supported and wich not?

What are the beacons you guys use?

On my wishlist, maybe Feasycom is interesting, Wesley:

I have bought the tile mate pro 2020. And it works but when its not being used for a couple of hours it looks like the tile goes in to sleeping mode. I have to push the button on the tile to make it work again?

Low CR2032 battery?

In brandnew tiles?

2020 brand new Tiles?

New battery is a simple thing to try, but hey it is youre call

Brandnew from the shop haha :joy:. I have changed it i let you know if its the problem! Thanks already

It looks like its a problem when i restart the homey. When i restart the homey i need to push the button on the tile. I restart the homey because it’s memory is pretty full.

Hi there. I am using a Gigaset G-Tag connected with the beacon app. When I create a flow using “when the beacon is inside range” and connect for example a hue light with that trigger after some minutes the flow will be deactivated with the timeline message “Flow XY has been deactivated because it has been executed too often” (I don’t know the original message - I translated from German). This message appears more than 10 times in my timeline then. So I assume that the G-Tag sends too often its status or something else happens. I tried the same with the trigger “when the beacon changes”… Same effect! By the way: What does “is in range” mean? When it comes into range? As long it is in range? The first time it comes in range? Obviously the beacon often sends the signal that it is in range and triggers the flow very quickly and several times… Even when I do not move the G-Tag to another place.

Anyway, I cannot use the beacon to turn on my lights when coming home or open my Danalock. Is there a mistake I am doing or has anyone an idea for a solution? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I am very desprate. Best regards, Michael

(I am using an iPhone 12 Pro and HomeyPro - everything at the newest software release).

What are your config settings?
In my case, the beacons get reported out of range after 15sec x 20, so it’s impossible to get ‘Flow XY is deactivated’?

I tried the settings you suggested. This time I did. not receive the message that the flow has been deactivated and it stayed activated… but: my Danalock didn‘t stop to unlock… After the fifth time unlocking I deactivated the flow manually. Same effect when I set as action a push notification: I receive a notification several times. Very strange effect. Any idea?

How does the device log look @ your Homey?
Example of mine:

The effect happened again tonight. The G-Tag stayed at the same place, when the noticifation suddenly changes from inside to outside range within short periods and as result the flow again is deactivated.

Hi @Koktail , do you think there is possibly mem leak in your app ?

Just analyzing impact of having 7.4.0RC22 but Beacon app seems to be taking more mem with longer uptime anyway…

Last 31 days mem usage

I think that’s not problematic at all. If the memory useage exceeds 40MB’s it starts to get worrying imho. Apps get killed if it exceeds ~80MB’s

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It depends as those drop-downs are regular reboots. Here compared with another app from Koktail - as you can see it behaves differently. And btw, I have just “two beacons”.

Unfortunately the latest RC seems to be more memory hungry, so me having 59 apps running, every MB counts :wink:

Ah, that changes it. But you don’t know (yet) how big it grows if you don’t restart Homey?
My Beacon app uses 6~7MB’s average (I’m on v7.3.0 by the way)

Same “problem” here, I’m around 32 apps on a “half” Pro.

Oww that would be a bummer.

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Hi Sharkys. I have seen this behaviour before and have not found anything that will resolve it. The Homey app’s memory is automatically cleaned with the garbage collector.

The apps core functionality is polling the BLE stack from Homey. I can imagine that adds up to the memory consumption.

Anyone that want to test a longer update interval to check if the memory consumption is lower?

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Unfortunately I’m restarting regularly but since 04/2021 I see the highest peak was 34MB - so still below 40MB - but it’s nice contrast with Flora app, where I have 6 Flora sensors and it’s still running on ~9MB, compared to Beacon app, where I have just two “dummy” sensors - kettle and boiler detection. While Flora app mem utilization remains almost stable, Beacon is going from very nice initial value of 7.4MB to ~34MB.


Maybe @Koktail you might see something strange in the logs ? Just in case : 61768edb-cef9-42a9-a60a-62aa80a636aa

But as already pointed out by @Peter_Kawa , it’s probably not issue at all - I was just wondering why this app is more memory hungry compared to others app, including those using Bluetooth stack.