[APP][Pro] Beacon - Detect your presence with BLE beacons

Hi Albert, no worries.
I understand the Ble stack of Homey is not perfect (yet), and connections get dropped at random. That makes, in this case, the beacon(s) somehow getting marked as ‘away’.

I use a Chronograph timer in between now. The timer’s time should be higher than the time between the typical faulty ‘away’ and ‘home’ status changes. For me, 2 minutes was sufficient.

beacon X status = away
start or replace timer Y with a duration of x minutes

timer Y has finished
beacon X status = away
(presence) mark Person X (beacon X) as away

BLE stability improvements in this firmware update, but clueless how to read what they updated :smiling_face:


I will play with the settings to see if there are improvements

Still unstable at the 10 times settings. Back to 15

Hey Peter,
finally, I found time to answer: thank you so much for your both quick and especially very kind response! :ok_hand: :clap:
It’s really helpful while logical, although I didn’t tried out yet. But this is what I’ll do next, maybe in combination with a higher verification amount outside range. I figured out in the meantime, that 15 times seems to be the best - just at the moment. :man_shrugging:

Since I’ve been a (still proud :wink:) owner of a Homey Pro (early 2019) I’m regularly excited about this huge community of Homey users. In my opinion, one of the strengths of Homey, among others.

But nevertheless: at this point, I can absolutely agree with @NoX comments about Homey’s usability und Athom’s policy: Beacon - An app for presence detection using BLE beacons - #608 by NoX
I invested 399 € as well in this futuristic “wonderball”, and for that, we can expect a stable system with it’s general functions. Herefore belongs e.g. the Bluetooth connectivity in general. (By the way, even my wife told me some days ago, I should not spend more time in configurating our smart home as it will save us in the end​:grimacing::man_facepalming:)
But I don’t want to start a new discussion about it though, that’s not the right place for it.

Just to clarify and intensify the awareness, I think about reporting one more issue for that to Athom.


Thanks for that announcement. Let’s see, what it really helps!
@Koktail, your awesome app deserves a stable system!

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I just bought an Apple Airtag and installed Beacon. I have tried 10 times now to create a new device (iBeacon) without any success. It says no new devices are found. Is this app not compatible with Airtags?

Many thanks!

See earlier post in this topic about the situation with Airtags:

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Thank you for clarifying this! :slight_smile: Short answer then is that I jumped on the wrong horse ha ha (I was sure Airtag would work, so I didn’t really check)… Well, any suggestions for best beacon (will only be used for Home/Away presence) in respect to size and price (and battery life)?


Feasycom? Pls search this topic for it.
Seen at Ali’s for around €22

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Thanks Peter, I just bought one from AliExpress, hope the battery time is as promised!

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@Koktail I try your app on my new HP2023 and it don’t work (official 2.3.2 and test 2.3.5 versions) :

I have 2 Nut mini, that works like a charm with 2.3.2 on HP2019
This one is detected when I “add” it to HP2023
but the status is never updated :


Is your Homey 23 firmware higher than xxx.rc.40?

Yes it’s the rc62

Below are the Ble updates in the firmwares, so I suggest you inform Athom also about this issue.


Bluetooth LE

  • Improved stability.
  • Added support for notifications.
  • Added support for disconnect events.



  • Added preliminary support for ManagerBLE.
    Note: BLECharacteristic.subscribeToNotifications is not yet available.
    Note: disconnect events are not yet sent to the app.


  • Improved the Bluetooth Advertisements interval.
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I have exactly the same issue, I connected my 3 beacons (2x tile, 1x Ali-express), using those for years already on Homey Pro 2019 (and 2016), but they won’t get detected at all:

The app does not work like on the HP16 and HP19 because the BLE on the HP23 is not stable yet.


I hope / let’s hope it will not take them this time…2 years or so ?

Got 2 beacons

  • Tile Mate (2022) no way of connecting it to Homey.
  • Gigaset Keeper, easily connected

Will return both of them. The first one for obvious reasons the 2nd one because it disconnects after 5 mins. No way I can use it for presence detection :frowning:

Hi again @Peter_Kawa I just got my Feasycom beacon! :slight_smile:

Did you add it as a Beacon, Eddystone or iBeacon in order to work good with presence?