[APP][Pro] Beacon - Detect your presence with BLE beacons

Hi Pat,

Sorry, I don’t own one, so I suggest to just try adding it as any of the types, and fiddle with it?
Can you keep us posted? Thanks also!

Hi all,
Since the HP23 update v10.0.0-rc.110 installed last night, my 2 nut mini works like a charm :partying_face:

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Thank you, I will try Ibeacon then! :slight_smile:

Yes, the BLE issue looks resolved.

Ok, I’ve rigorously plowed though this forum and still not getting the desired results. Maybe I’ve missed some settings/info. Problem is that my feasycom bluetooth tag is randomly throwing “Not detected” while my Tile 2018 is steady as a rock. Is this a case of “Put your keys closer to Homey” or something else? Any help is appreciated. Below some info of current setup:

Beacon App:
v1.3.5 Experimental

1 x Feasycom FSC-BP108 (added as IBeacon)
1 x Tile pro (2018)

Settings Feasycom:
Interval(ms) > 760 (as state by Piero_F in this topic)
TxPower(dB) > 2.5 (as state by Piero_F in this topic)

Settings Beacon App:
Delay (15) - Verification Amount inside range (1) - Verification Amount outside range (20)

So can anyone guide me into the right direction which beacons work flawlessly till today? Am I correct that the TIle Pros that are for sale now 2020 and 2022 versions both are still not supported? Which ones from Tile for example would work? Would want some that are tough and with a replacable battery. Thanks!

I have tested the app with Samsung SmartTag a tag that has a range of 120 m.

When i tried to add one it’s found and adding it works like a sharm, the status says it is in range.
After a couple of minutes it’s out of range and never comes in range anymore.

If i remove the device and try to add it again it’s found and adding it again works but it disapears like before. The reeason for this is probably not that beacon is powering down for saving energy then it would not be found when adding it for the second time.

Any ideas?

HP23 or HP19 ?

It’s a HP23 but have the same result on my old HP19.

Can you create a diagnostic report, when you notice it’s out of the range and share it with Koktail ? Even here might be fine or you can create Github issue - Issues · koktaildotcom/com.beacon · GitHub.

HP19 I would say shall be working fine, so that’s surprising, HP23 has BLE stack kind of broken (still).
Also please share you beacon settings, just to be sure.

Hi I have been testing this Beacon app for several months with an HP23 and a Feasycom FSC-BP108 fob and have noticed a strange issue with out of range not being detected when I leave my property. I have a test flow that sets presence based on this so it is reporting me as present when I am not.

The first time I saw this I just thought it was a glitch so turned off the Feasycom fob using the button on the front and the Beacon app correctly detected that it had gone out of range in about 1 minute.

However this keeps happening, if I leave my property, one time in 3, the Beacon app will fail to detect that the fob is out of range (I will be between 0.5 mile and 3 miles away from the HP23 so definitely is out of range).

I have 2 x HP23 because I am currently configuring the 2nd unit for another property and the issue happens on both which are running v10.0.8 firmware.

The Beacon app settings are the same on both HP23 units:

Version: v1.3.5
Delay between reading sensor values in seconds: 15
Verification amount inside range: 1
Verification amount outside range: 3 (I have reduced this from 5 to see if it would fix the issue but hasnt)

I am wondering if the HP23 “Bluetooth reliability” issue referred to in a recent news update is causing the BLE stack to falsely report device presence?

Edit: Corrected typos.

There are a lot of issues with the HP23 bluetooth stack unfortunately. Looks like it is related to that.

After quite a while of absence, I got back finally to the presence detection of Homey and its alternative using BLE beacons respectively.
As I already mentioned above in January, I owned a musegear finder 2 (musegear finder 2 (dunkelblau) – musegear - Innovative Accessoires) for this intention. I still can recommend it, especially regarding its battery consumption (after 9 months, it’s about 90% according to the official app, which I didn’t use anymore to let the beacon found by Homey).
3 weeks ago, I reinstalled the beacon-app on my HP 2019 with the latest firmware (10.0.3).
The inclusion of my BLE-Beacon (as an iTrack) worked like a charm without any problems. You can see the apps settings as followed:

Although I got the message, that this topic has been solved (for whatever reason, it seems to be still unsolved :flushed:) as I wanted to reply, I just like to inform you about my experiences:
In the approx. first 24 hours, the inside/outside detection worked well. But suddenly, after this period of time, my beacon was never detected. Neither after restarting the app, nor Homey Pro itself. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :man_shrugging:
So, also that I’m sad about it, I have to agree with @Osten_Westermark conclusion, that it’s not a HP 23 related issue. From my sight, it seems to be a general soft- or hardware problem of Homey.

In the end, I’m really longing for a corresponding (BLE-)firmware update coming soon. Maybe just right before Christmas? :thinking: Would be a nice and very delighting surprise! :star_struck: Exactly 4 weeks to go until Christmas Eve…

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ich nutze diese Lösung:

Hey Friedhofsblond,
danke schön noch für deinen Lösungsvorschlag.
To ensure everybody’s able to comprehend this post, I prefer to answer to your post in English.

At the first sight, your suggestion seems to be a principly appropriate solution for this issue. From my point of view and conviction of Homey respectively, it is absolutely not, to be honest…

First of all, I don’t have the know-how, nor the necessary time to integrate and administrate a second device and hub respectively to Homey, especially not to ensure a reliable presence detection.:point_up:
While we’re coming to a certain feature: Homey itself has a generic present detection via geofencing, but for whatever reason, it doesn’t work at all on my HP 2019.
And because of that, I don’t want **to spend even more money on additional devices just to ensure Homey’s core functionallity.**:man_shrugging: As I already mentioned in an earlier post of this topic (see the following screenshot), I expect much more stability and reliability reagarding Homey’s general functions.

I already spent 400 € for an all-in-one smart home-Gateway, which is still promoted to be the most progressive smart home-system of the world. If it’s indeedly so, I demand urgently a firmware update, which improves Homey’s bluetooth protocol!
Honestly, my Smartphone (a OPPO XFind Lite with Android 11, it it matters) always found the bluetooth beacon very reliable. Why isn’t Homey able to do so?:thinking:
Well, still 8 days until Christmas Eve…:wink:

Hello Albert,
We are currently considering a solution with Shelly Button and ShellyPlus
This will perhaps open up additional possibilities.
e.g. door opening and key finder - in addition to presence:

Thanks for your reply! Nice to read, but it doesn’t really helps in this matter with a generic BLE-Beacon.
I just want to use my actual Beacon as mentioned above instead oy buying another one. :man_shrugging:

Did anybody got any news about Homey’s core functionality and Bluetooth stability respectively? :thinking:
Apart of the question, what’s the reason of this issue actually…I’m not a programmer, so I’m not able to differ between the app itself and Homey’s functionality/firmware.:confused::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@ All please report Ble issues to Athom support, write to Support | Homey

Here you can track fixes and improvements (I don’t expect any Ble fixes anymore):

(I own a Pro 2019)
I just bought two Feasycom FSC- BP108, they work as good (or as bad) as the €1.99 ali noname beacons.
I use an additional timer to eliminate the occasional false positives.

No clue why Athom can’t fix the Ble issues for Pro 201x models.
I’m pretty shocked to hear it’s not improved, or even worse for the Pro 2023.
Seems one of the ‘no-priority’ implementations, only nice for the marketing

I have to say that I have no problems with the internal BT function of the homey2023.
My homey is a bit unfavorable for BT operation, so I installed an extra gateway.
All beacons (and many BT devices too) that I have were recognized in the homey.
Also the new Shelly buttons.
I can’t judge what the long-term use of the homey is like.
I’ve already spent a lot of money on beacons, not all of them work with all receivers.
The old Gigaset-tags are very stable and cannot be killed.