Beacon for more accurate Presence in Homey?


Anyone who has any experience in setting up a Beacon in Homey for better accuracy in Presence detection? I’m using iPhone (iBeacon) but I guess it’s more about what Homey likes? iBeacon or Eddystone? Any recommended hardware? Are there Beacons that are more stationary and can use AC power instead of batteries?

Many thanks!

There is an app called beacon that works with all kinds off bluetooth beacons including Tile, apple airtag, etc

Is that what you are looking for?

No clue which one is better compatible with Homey.
I use $4 uncle Ali beacons, but they only have the home/away function present.

Feasycom might be interesting as well:

My flower sensors also function as (secret/hidden if you will :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) beacons.

My TV’s Bluetooth could be added to the Beacon app as beacon, so yes. It’s quite big though :upside_down_face:

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Thanks guys! :slight_smile: I will check the Beacon app. Ha ha, TV huh… I never thought of it, but that should work! :grin:

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For my 2 cars proximity detection, i use an ESP32 flash with OpenMQTTGateway. I created a 3d print box and put it next to the gate.

And i put a Tile in each car.

I can open the gate when one is detected, turn light on if this is the night, … what you want…

Sounds really good - Thank you!

How would a TV work in this case?

As far as I know, the Beacon app uses Homey to check for BLE devices. So having your TV inside of the range for Homey to discover it…how would that help in detecting your presence?

Well, you’ll be informed when your TV gets nicked :laughing:

But, I just wanted to say mains powered Ble beacons do exist;
No clue why one would want to walk around with a beacon device on a (very long) power cord😁


Ha ha, I guess I need to clarify things here :upside_down_face:

I thought (probablyboth backwards and sideways) that like my iPhone and other stuff at home works, that Homey is of course stationary, my iPhone is mobile and that the beacon could be stationary. Because I don’t want to carry around more stuff than my iPhone in order to detect correct presence. I thought that the iPhone was checking the iBeacon which in its turn talked to Homey and set in/out of range.

So do I really need a iBeacon to carry around or is it any way to turn this around?


Yeah, this app & Homey track the moving beacons.

You ofcourse can use your phone + a stationary beacon as presence detector, but that way, a Homey app is not necessary.
While your phone is the presence monitor, you can send a webhook (with tasker or the like) to Homey on certain beacon events, you can start a flow with that.

Hi Peter!

My problem is today that Homey has a too big radius for home/away. So I thought buying an iBeacon would solve this (setting a smaller radius). I really need Homey to pick up this home/away in order to create flows. Do you mean that I should (really need? I’m not sure Tasker is available for iPhone) use non-Homey stuff to achieve this? :slight_smile:

(no need to carry beacon) (needed for smaller radius)
iPhone <—> iBeacon <–> Homey, Home

I didn’t know the app name for the iphone, but it’s called ‘shortcuts’
I have no idea how to achieve this with Homey and beacons only (without taking the beacon with you).
You can consider using:
Location and Presence combined with the Owntracks mobile app;
In Owntracks you can define several geofences of almost any size

Smart Presence - This checks if your phone is connected to your wifi network. I think you can combine it with Homey Geo, so your home doesn’t lock you up in case you are home and your phone is dead, or your phone’s wifi is switched off :wink:

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If you just want to have a more accurate Presence (home/away), then look into Smart Presence App for Homey | Homey The downside of Smart Presence is that the app waits for quite some time before marking someone as away.

I’m an Android user and use Tasker to send a WebHook as soon as I connect or disconnect with my home Wifi.

I’m working on “Room Presence” with Tasker and BLE Beacons, where Tasker will try to detect in which room in the house I am as soon as I stop walking (by using the AutoLocation plugin for Tasker). If I then shake my phone, I want to see the controls for the things in that room to show. It’s a long-term project :slight_smile:


If everyone in your house uses an iphone and you use Apple home (Woning) you can also make a simple work arround to mark your presence based on connect / disconnect to wifi.

  • Make in Homey a virtual plug with the app ‘virtual devices’
  • Make sure your homey is connected to Apple home with the app ‘homekitty’ or ‘homeKit’
  • Make in Apple home an automation “When I arrive → switch the virtual plug on”
  • Make in Apple home an automation “When I leave → switch the virtual plug off”

Now you can do whatever you want in homey based on everyone who is connected to your Apple Home. You don’t need to wear beacons, and you don’t need to install extra apps on your iphone and you don’t need to give static IP adresses to your phone etc.

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Thanks @Edwin_Heijnen - It’s a good approach and then I don’t have the hazzle with keeping track of yet another physical badge/beacon. I wonder if I can set the radius for home/away in Apple Home somehow?


Not that I know. It triggers when your iphone connects or dis connects to your local wifi network. It is not based on geofencing