Bluetooth BLE beacon presence

I like to use bluetooth BLE device for presence detection. Have played with some Bluetooth keyfinders and beacon app. it is easy to pair these devices. My problem is now that i see that the devices are disconnected and connected several times a day. timecap > 5 minutes.
Is Homey stopping the bluetooth function ???
Please is anyone have the same problem and have a solution installed.

Works fine here. I’m using the cheapest BLE beacons there are on aliexpress (NRF51822) in combination with the Beacon app.

The range is limited but no problem for my use case.

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Still works here as well. Using cheap BLE beacons from aliexpress. Not sure what beacons you are using but might be a faulty battery?

Hello, I have the same beacons. Can you please let me know how did you add them to Homey? For some reason the BEACON app is not detecting them… It is seeing my printer, few hue lamps in range, …


Well i cant think of anything else then making sure that you choose to add a device via the BEACON app specifically. Place the beacon close to Homey to be sure.

Make sure the beacon works, did you put in a battery when you received it? Can you see its signal with your phone? I think there also should be a light blinking when you press a tiny button to check if it’s working properly.

The beacon is working. It is getting detected by the nRF App.

I have put it next to Homey and it simply does not want to see it. It is only seeing Hue and Printer. GRRRR.

When I press the button on the BEACON, the small led flashes few times…

OK. After restarting Homey it detected it!