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[Tutorial] Presence detection with bluetooth beacon

Tutorial version: 0.2
Goal: Presence detection
hardware: Tile Pro website: thetileapp (dot) com
App: Beacon (credits Leendert De Kok )
App topic : HERE

It’s hard to find a good solutions for presence, after testing with wifi connections and z-wave/kaku remotes i tried it with bluetooth beacon on a keychain. The result is working perfectly.

Install the beacon app (appstore).
Buy a beacon (i use a Tile Pro (2 devices for 60 euro, deliverd in the netherlands within 24hours ;-).
Add the beacon to homey: result


name it to a person and add it to the keychain of this person.

Now you can make a flow when this beacon is in range of homey to set a variable (presence of a person yes/no) (better logic) to yes.

And a flow when it’s out of range to set on no.

Questions, let me know.


There is a lot to love here. Replaceable battery. Slim dimensions (42x42x6,5mm). Attach it to your keys and then you can just move on with your life.
And a mentioned range of 90m.

Can you confirm this range? When homey is inside a residence and you approaching around the corner, what is a realistic range in a urban setting?

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I have a few of these nrf51822 modules laying around, Would they work with this app?


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Iam also looking for this sollution, but indeed the range is importent.

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Throught wall the range will be +/- 8 meter. (Tile pro)

They will work, i have the same beacons myself

I’ve just released v1.0.13

v1.0.0 - 04.10.18

  • first alpha to app store.

v1.0.1 - 05.10.18

  • add support for NRF51822
  • add app icon
  • refactoring the drivers

v1.0.2 - 07.10.18

  • add trigger card for discovered devices
  • add icon for discovery

v1.0.3 - 07.10.18

  • add generic device

v1.0.4 - 20.10.18

  • add verify process for detect/undetect events

v1.0.5 - 07.10.24

  • improve discovery of the devices
  • change card description

v1.0.6 - 07.10.24

  • improve by connection and find the advertisement

v1.0.7 - 07.10.24

  • bump version

v1.0.8 - 07.10.25

  • improve sequence update beacons
  • get peripheral for accurate range
  • change timeout to 1 second
  • improve logging to the app
  • add retry strategy

v1.0.9 - 07.10.25

  • bump version

v1.0.10 - 07.10.27

  • introducing timeout and verification settings
  • revert back to discovery strategy to improve speed
  • add translations
  • improve logging

v1.0.11 - 07.10.27

  • mismatch variable name bug
  • also check on bigger that the amount if app restarts

v1.0.12 - 07.10.30

  • add default values in settings
  • change comparator typo

v1.0.13 - 07.11.01

  • fixed change detect comparison mismatch
  • add log handler to watch false positives
  • fixed zero verification times

Do you know if the range of the nrf51822 module is more or less the same as the Tile pro?

I’ve added a list in the ‘readme’ off the app.

Tested devices

Here is a list of used devices

  • Tile Pro (8m)
  • Nordic nRF51822 (5m)

Are these cases powerfull enough to put them on a key ring and use them daily or do you think something like this is better?

Is it possible to connect/add more receivers besides Homey? I can imagine that way it would be possible to use the presence of certain beacons in certain areas of a building.

They are pretty solid, also the site advertisement with

" Industrial strength

Drop tests. Squish tests. Tumble tests. Our most rigorous testing means your real life is more than covered."

Thanks but i replied to willumpie about the ones from Aliexpress.

Those you mentioned in an earlier post are the same modules, except the keychain is not included. The plastic is really cheap, if you press the button on it it can already crack, You also should glue them shut (replace the housing or just throw them away when empty), when the housing pops open, the module will drop out

You sure can use multiple homeys, place them at the outer edges of your property and voila!

But multiple bluetooth LE devices (all none expensive ones) that can receive and transmit signals of other bluetooth LE devices when they are in proximity of each other? Sounds to me like a Tile business plan you are describing there.
Nevertheless, it can think -for presence detection with homey- it can be useful to be able to expand the range of those 5 or 8m.

Can this app -Beacon- use those devices in conjunction with eachother?


Thanks for the reply, i’m gonna search for different ones at Ali…

Ive just purchased a Tile Mate. Managed to pair it with the app - this is great! But is it supposed to be marked "detected: No" even though its only a couple of meters away from Homey? It does, however, trigger detection when I`ve left the house and arrives back home.

no this is not supposed to happen, i had this with my tile pro when i first used it. I re-added it and then it worked.


Hello, i have the same problem, i download the tile app activated the tile pro, and then pair it with homey. Now its detected when i hide the tile in the app, but undetected when i open the app and make it visible.
For sure i’m doing something wrong.

Thanks for the reply. I have removed it and added it again. It still disappears after a while. If I push the button on the tile it appears again. Probably something I am doing wrong.