Use Tile (BT beacon) with Homey


I would like to use a Tile (beacon) with Homey so Homey can know when I am in its range.

I tried the application called « Beacon » in Homey but the Tile is not detected.
Is there a procedure to follow? I see there is a button on the Tile.

Thank you in advance.


what about starting here

I must do something wrong…

On the Homey:

  • I go to devices
  • I press the + button
  • I select « Beacon »
  • it installs « Beacon »
  • it displays « searching for devices »
  • I tried to press on the button of the tile (I saw on the internet that it is the procedure to make it discoverable)
  • timeout 30000ms


You did ofcourse first register the tile in the Original tile app (not the homey app)?

After that, you did set the tile on hide?

Its not a tile 2020?

Hi Roy,

I did not register the Tile with the original Tile app. Do I have to?
It is the tile mate 2020.

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Tile 2020’s have been reported not to work with Homey, read about it in the thread of the app

Hey, dont want to be rude, but i did not give you the link just for the fun😉

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I tried to connect the sticker tile to the beacon app but also here connection time out. Tried to install tile app and The tile was founded. Put The tile On hide. No succes. Any suggestions? Tnx roel

Read the topic, and you get a idea