IF dog is home alone THEN action


I’ve just ordered a Homey Pro (2023), and I’m trying to plan my move from homekit and how I’ll create my automations using advanced flows.

I want to create an automation where if me and my girlfriend leaves BUT my dog is still at home, then start the TV and turn on certain lights.

I have no idea how I could make Homey understand if my dog is home or not. My first thought was to add something to her leash, but not sure what small device I could use which has geofencing…

Does anyone have any idea what I could do, or have a similar scenario that you’ve resolved?

Maybe you can use something similar to this?

Another option

Thank you for the response! I might try this option unless there is a little bit more simple solution.

Thank you for the response! It was exactly this sort of solution I was looking for, but the need for a subscription is a deal breaker for me since the device will only be used to detect home/not home status.

Not sure it’s worth 40€ + 90€/year… :confused:

YW! Yeah that one is the category when you love your dog, money doesn’t count :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you check @Mike1233 's hint? I don’t see why that is not simple. It’s a bluetooth beacon, put battery in, just add it to Homey, create flows, done.

You could buy a € 3,- bluetooth beacon @ Uncle Ali (tested, but batt is dead after 6 months or so), or, maybe a more stable one, a Feasycom beacon as adviced in the Beacon topic Mike linked to.

Only BT has a max range of 4, maybe 5 m. to detect Cesar is indoors.

Other idea, occupancy sensors! They spot dogs as well, even when they’re lying down all day.
There’s Tuya ones (zigbee or wifi) at around €25
I use home made ESPHome ones (wifi), they’re around €20,-
Only problem with Tuya zigbee is the support. While Tuya tends to change things in the same models, its 50/50 chance it’s supported. Otherwise you can request for support at the developer Johan (info is to be found at the bottom of the app store app page)

Also there’s a Aqara wifi one at around € 85
Adrian Rockall is investigating a good solution for integration.