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With the Tractive GPS tracker you can locate your dog or cat anytime, anywhere. You just need to turn on the tracker and attach it to your pet’s collar, after which the tracker will start reporting the location, which you can then use in different flows.


You need an active Tractive account and subscription to use this app.


I enjoy creating apps for Homey and try to support them as best as I can. If you enjoy using my apps a donation in return for the time I put into this is much appreciated.


A big shout out to @Paul_van_Ulft for providing me access to his Tractive account! Thank you!


– Reserved –

Nice! We just bought Tractive also because it is now supported by this app. Where can I find this app? Thanx!

I don’t know, but it’s literally in the first sentence?

Sounds like, - working on it - :wink:

First version is almost done. :rocket:

I’m waiting for the device images to be finished.

– Edwin

Thanks for the reply Edwin. We’re very curious!

The first version of the app is in review by Athom! :rocket:

You can install the test version via the link in the first comment.

Please let me know what you think. :wink:

– Edwin

App is live! :rocket:

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Thanx! I try it.



I tried to add the Tractive app to homey, but i cannot select a tracker?
What can I do?

I had someone with the same problem. You don’t have access to that tracker.

  1. You are not the owner
  2. The Tracker has been deleted from your account.
  3. The Tracker does not exists anymore.

Please verify this in the Tractive Dashboard.

– Edwin

Hi Edwin,

I can see my 2 trackers in the link you gave me, so I dont think that is the problem.
I am the owner of Merlijn’s tracker.

Can there be an other problem?

Thank you for helping me!


I also have problem with adding a device to the Tractive app
Everything works fine with adding a device to the point where I get this pop up page message:

“ New units were found
Choose the devices you want to add”

Under this it shows this message:

Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘_id)

And a Close button in bottom of the pop up page.

So what should I do for to get this to work?

Hello all,
I have 3 trackers, all 3 active. and online.
After login in the Homey app, comes as a message “Rate Limited” and I can only close the app.
Any ideas?

Thank you very much

I will fix this in the next version, thanks.

Is someone willing to share his/her login with me? The one that was provided for me does not work anymore. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Hi evdpol,
thank you for taking care.
should i send you my tractive login as mail or how you like it?

Best regards:

Hoi @evdpol,

Er is inmiddels een Tractive apparaatje naar mij op weg om te testen. Weet jij of het mogelijk is om de GPS coordinaten in Homey in een variabelen op te slaan als een GPS waarde is gewijzigd?

Dat is wat ik precies nodig heb.


Yes, this is possible! The coördinates are available as tags in Homey.

Since a day or two I seem to be unable to contact our trackers. A warning blib appears (as status icon) when I click repair, and try to login with my credentials, there appears an errror. “Incorrect credentials”. Has something changed?