Cat presence at door

I have a cat who likes to go out and then later come in again. We don’t have (and want) a cat door, so we open the door for him. But now with the dark days coming, you don’t see him that well, so he can be sitting at the door for quite some time before we let him in. This can be either the front or the back door.

I have a tractive gps tracker, but there is no integration in Homey and the wifi-energy saving zone is quite big. So not really possible to log it’s current position.

The tractive gps tracker also has WiFi and Bluetooth. I’m thinking of a small device which I can place at the front and back door. The device should scan for Bluetooth devices, once the device has (i.e.) >90% reach with the tracker, there should be a notification.

Does anyone know if such a device exists. It maybe other ideas to automate this?

Tractive has an app

When it has Bluetooth, and the distance from ‘cat waiting location’ to Homey is max 4 to 5m, you can give the “Beacon” app a try.

It might work with ESPresence, which would cost about €5 to €10 for an ESP32 and although the project is targeted towards Home Assistant it uses basic MQTT, which Homey can handle with the MQTT Broker/Client apps.

We use a motion sensor near the front door to detect our cats, but that only works because we have a long driveway (so no motion from the street that gets detected) and we get the occasional false positive when a neighbourhood cat triggers it.

I know, but it cannot send a notification when the car is at the door

That would be possibility, but I have a front and back door, and I don’t think it’s positioned well for both doors.

That could be a solution, although indeed I don’t have a long driveway, so it will detect more than just the cat. I could of course with some duct tape make the detection area very small.

Another way I’m thinking about is to put 2 wireless (doorbell) buttons. The button has to be big and light. But then I need to train the cat :smiley_cat:

It will only detect the bluetooth tack on your cat.

And you can use 2 devices, one at the front-door and one at the back-door.

Interesting! I will do some research on this.

It looks a bit difficult. Can the ESP32 work stand-alone with a battery?

Some ESP32’s come with battery holder and charging circuitry, but since this relies on BLE scanning, you won’t get a great battery life, perhaps a couple of days (depending on how large the batteries are).

No, this use case is consuming too much power for use on battery.

ok great, thanks for the help. I guess a big and light doorbell button will be the only reliable solution. I should start training my cat.

Any advice for a doorbell button or wireless ‘smart’ button which is big and light to press?

Fibaro big button? No clue how much pressure is needed though

(About cat strength, my cat once demolished the complete (plastic) cat door, which was locked. It managed to get in :rofl: )

looks great, although 45,- euro per button is a bit much.

Haha my sister’s cat indeed also destroyed a locked cat door.