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I am developing a new app that connects to the Life360 app on your Android or iPhone device. This means you can add your family to the life 360 app and then the Family head can add the devices on your Homey. Using the device that is added, you can see the distance to homey, last seen, battery status places, etc. But also based on this there are a number of triggers (device comes home, leaves home etc).

I am wondering if there is an interest in such an app. If so I will continue to develop and publish it when finished. If not I will use it privately with the functions I need.


I’m interested. If I can help with testing please let me know.

I will test it to!

I have started testing the family for iPhone app (and it seems to work ok).
I certainly would like to contribute in testing this version. I looks a little more verstile and could potentially also replace my geofencing set up with IFTTT.

I’m very interested in Life360 for Homey. Used it, and liked it a lot, on Home Assistant.
Was a bit that there was no support for Life360 on Homey when I made the switch from HA to Homey.

I have installed the latest version, and indeed it seems, that the km’s are right now. Great job👍

Thank you guys, I am waiting until the app is approved. This will hopefully be this week. If you want you can of course install it using the homey cli.

Hi, It is in the store as beta!

Installed the one from the store. I was on the previous version, that one shows a wrong speed and the driving always sais no.

I have a long drive ahead or me tommorow, I’ll report back on how the beta acts.

Speed seems to represent to correct speed now, but driving is still always “No”. But I can live with that :).
WiFi switches to yes as soon as WiFi is activated, whether I’m connected to a WiFi network of not. I guess it’s there only to know if location id WiFi based or pure GPS based.

Thanks for a great app Marcel!

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On my Huawei P10 lite it won’t work verry well. I have the app connected to mij 360 account, so far so good. But the app don’t update automatic, sometime’s when i restart the app i get new values but when i do nothing there is nothing hapen.

I walked thru the street but the app don’t see that i’m moving en no values changing till i restarded the app.

Does it take a while before places and info shows up? Everything is blank for me.

I had the same problem, after i restarded the app i had some values

Please check in the logging if it is syncing.

This morning it works great. I made a flow so that i get an push massege when i leve my house and that works great :slight_smile:

It’s working very good now with my Home location. It finds it and I made a flow to check if it registered me leaving it, and that works.

But I can’t get my work location showing up in the Homey app, waited over night now to see but nothing happend, also tried restarting the app itself.

In logging it says ready syncing.

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I have the same problem.

@Le_Cactus, Please give a user review that helps maybe to get more users which stimulate development.

@Dabon, and @Jan_Willem_Visser the syncing seems fine. When you delete a place this works fine. I have seen when you add it in the Life 360 app it will not visible in the interface until you one time click the alarm bel icon between the place :slight_smile: Don’t know why!??! After one sync you can switch it off again. Still checking why this is?

I have push the alarm bel icon behind work and home… i’m now at work but the app shows only an -… When i am at home it says Home.