Developing a new Family iPhone App


I am developing an iPhone app where you can add your family as single device :). This means you need to add in your iPhone the family members and then the Family head can add the devices on your Homey. Using the device that is added, you can see the distance to homey, last seen, battery status and the location type (GPRS, WIFI). But also based on this there are a number of triggers (device comes home, leaves home etc). For this , the app will login on the iCloud to get the phone(s) locations etc.

I am wondering if there is an interest in such an app. If so I will continue to develop and publish it when finished. If not I will use it privately with the functions I need.


Yes, me!!!

I think my wife would be enhousiastic not having al these buttons to push in the app

I would love this app.

Sounds interesting and usefull :+1:

I see this useful for my needs. Thanks and look forward to hear more.

Sounds a bit like the owntracks app regarding the location features.
That has enter/leave events for ho,e/school/work. Has a battery warning feature (trigger when percentage is below a certain percentage).
Has reverse geolookup (homey can determine address based on lon/lat).

On the phone apps you can see the positions of other family members on a map.

You can also specify the shopping mall as a geofence and see when your wife/girlfriend is shopping

Interested!! :slight_smile:

Great to see someone is developing this, very usefull :sunglasses:

I would like to have the ability to opt-in/out of push messages per user/device. Or is this already possible?



Some impressions.


Looks nice and usefull

This Will be great such an app, looking forward to iT to replace the default failing localisation in homey

@MarcelT looks great! #toppiejoppie

nice :+1:

Thnx for the app. Just tested it. I have enabled two factor authentication long time ago. Looked at disabling, but that isn’t possible according to Apple. So I tried it with 2fa enabled. Problem is that every updates gives an pop up for permission for a login on a device with a 2fa code.

Great app, but this makes it impossible to use if you already have 2fa enabled.

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Same here , i have try with a apppasswort for icloud login but the app crashed when i use xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx.


I understand. I thought you could switch it off. Anyway I am looking into this, how this is possible.

Maybe you could use the 2fa way older apple devices use in combining the 2fa-code in front of the password in stead of a second question were you can enter the 2fa code. I will try if this already works
later this evening.

Op 29 januari 2019 bij 12:46:56, Marcel Timmermans via Homey Community ( schreef:

Maybe this one can solve the 2fa problem?!

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