User account for someone that does not have the app

I would like to create an account on my homey for someone that has no smartphone. The goal is to detect her presence in the house based on flows other than phone based.

However, when I try to add her to “My Family”, I end up with a link to that in turn redirects to which just contains pointers to the app stores.

Is there a different way to add family members?

You can use bluetooth beacons for presence detection of family members without a phone. Examples and flows here:

Planning something along those lines yeah. The person(s) in question are nurses from home help that would need a tag or card to open medicine lockers, enable kitchen equipment and so on so they already have tags anyway.

I created temporary phone accounts all based on more or less the same e-mail address (gmail allows random +extensions on existing usernames… handy!) - just to get them added to “the family”. Subsequently removed the accounts from my phone again so now they exist in homey only :crazy_face: .

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