Adding kids to the Homey family without a mobile device but with a beacon


Wow, learning a lot from this community in running and improving my Homey. I searched the forum but did not find the answer.

I want to add my 3 kids to my homey family. However, they do not have a mobile device (<10 years of age) but I intent to “installed” a bluetooth beacon in their jacket to understand when they are at home and when they are not (and therefore to adjust flows).

How can I get my kids to be part of the family without the app? If I follow the basic settings I need to send a link.

Thanks for your support!

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You just have to add the beacons and give the beacons the name of your kids.

Ah, but then you don’t use the presence flow? A person came home etc? But a beacon (with the kids name) is in reach?

Exactly. It can only be “integrated” when they have the app & an account.
With beacons you can create the flows similar, just like you said.
I will share my flows for 1 beacon and the beacon app settings, b/c it took a while to get rid of false positives.
For the status, I created a virtual “light”, which is set to on/off by the Status flow.
(The beacon icons themselves don’t reflect the status, so I put them in a zone called z_NotToBeOperated)
Flow AtHome
Flow Away
Flow Status
Beacon detection settings:

Here how the status tiles look:

Great Peter! Not sure if I completely understand your flows, but let me play with it and see if I can get this to work. Thanks for your quick response and guidance!

I used some logic variables as well, to store the status.
But I can imagine your not familiar with that.
Just ask if you want to know more
Oh and I use timers to reduce the chance of bouncing or flipping flows (triggered too much in short time)

Your kids never go out, without their jacket? Even in summer?

Do you have a better solutions that doesn’t require a surgical intervention?

Sorry, No I haven’t, it was just a remark, (we) technicians overlook such minor details sometimes. :wink:

:crazy_face::upside_down_face: beacon bracelets, beacon necklaces, beacon shoes, beacon bag, beacon lunchbox, beacon bike :laughing:
The dog / cat should be beaconed too when you’re at it.
I got €3,50 beacons from a wellknown Chinese shop, they do the job!

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great tip here!

Big thanks for all your support, this works perfectly!

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