Presence without app

Hi, I cant find out the way how to do presence without the account in the app. I have plenty of flow with “Someone is at home” but without linking it to a person with an account attached to my home it is not possible for now? Example: i want to hook up the iPhone via Smartpresence app. But i cannot link it to “virtual” guest or family member who has not the app and her/his account in Homey. Hmm

With smarterpresence, you create users based on phone IP address. Then you craete flows, where this created user is triggering flow and based on that you can change virtual button state.

Thanks that is obvious, but in general I would need to add the state of this member/device to my current “nobody is at home” flows as these flows only sees the members of the family created via the app. It would be great if Athom created some kind of “virtual” famuly member or guest which would be independent on the app.

What you want to achieve? You can change the state of one user based on status of all users from smarterpresence. Once all users from smarterpresence left the house, you change the state of single Homey user to away and vice versa.

But we don’t wanna install an/any app on the other phone. Like stated in the topic title. There can only be just 1 answer for that aye?

You dont need to install anything on other phones. Only thing you need is smarterpresnece app installed on Homey.

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Ah. Then the TS is mixing up some things yes. That’s possible!